10 Digital Marketing Facts For Business Owners

Since the turn of the decade, digital marketing has been on the rise. Many companies are turning to the internet to increase their sales and gain a competitive advantage. Perhaps you already have, and the results have not been so encouraging!

Digital Marketing is not a walk in the park. You need to roll up your sleeves and get work. Every day you need to learn new things. Here are 11 facts you need to be aware of.

 1. You Need to Spend Money to Get Good Results 

There is more that goes into digital marketing than what you think you already know. There is more to setting up a website, social media profile, pay per click Ad campaigns.

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You need to work with experts in search engine optimization, copywriters, and even Facebook advertising specialists. These experts do not come cheap. It will cost you to use their skills.

The bottom line is that Digital Marketing is not cheap to implement. Invest wisely and be strategic on what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it.

2. Digital Marketing is Not For Everyone 

Forget about the excitement and euphoria around you. Is digital marketing working for your business? Is it relevant? Digital marketing is not for everyone.

Continue with your more trust-worthy traditional forms of marketing. Brochures, word of mouth, direct selling, industry magazines have been proven to bring a return on investment. Complement your traditional marketing strategies with digital marketing.

Combine both traditional and digital marketing strategies for your campaigns. Your customers’ present and future needs should dictate what strategies you pursue.

3. Digital Marketing Changes with Consumer Behavior and Technology

Customers need always dictate what you need to produce as a business and meet those needs for value. Certain marketing principles such as customer satisfaction and relationship building remain constant.

digital marketing for business

Technology is always advancing. This is changing how businesses communicate and reach customers on the market. As a business owner, you need to stay on top of the game. As customers adopt new technology, adopt effective strategies that will give you real results.

4. Reputation Management 

Whatever you have worked on so hard over the years can be destroyed with one post on Facebook or Twitter. Building a business brand is challenging enough. The increased risk associated with digitization means businesses and brands are at higher risk.

Be careful with your online activities. Competitors may take advantage of your flaws online to tarnish your brand. As such, you need to be professional and versatile in reputation management to avoid bullying and social media crises.

5. Cyberbullying and Online Hacking 

I watched in horror as a business I was working for got its website hacked, and they had to rebuild a new one from scratch. In another event, a successful online venture was bullied out of business by goons hired by competitors.

digital marketing for business

Hacking and cyberbullying is a reality. While you may be enthusiastic about what you can achieve, you might be a potential victim of a random attack of the online mercenaries. As such, make you up your game on online security. Safety keeps sensitive information such as key customer details.

6. Are You Really Ready For The Digital Marketing Challenge 

Will you be able to get back the return of your investment?

You need to be able to:

  • Measure the impact of your digital marketing efforts

  • Develop the right skills for copywriting content

  • Have necessary skills for data analysis to aid your decision-making

  • Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

  • Know when to outsource and when to work on staff

  • Talent scouting and hiring to improve your business digital marketing performance.


Statistics show that many people have limited knowledge of digital marketing and fast-changing technology. The more limited you are, the less effective you become in getting things done.

7. The Cost of Making Mistakes 

Mistakes could cost you a fortune in digital marketing. However, digital marketing is new to everyone, including you and the mistakes are inevitable. Some mistakes can be rectified quickly, while others will have a significant impact on your business and brand.

digital marketing

These mistakes are unforgivable;

  • Bad quality content marketing

  • Spamming customers with emails

  • Abusing Social Media

 Before publishing, always double-check. Research on content before publishing. Always be professional, precise, and objective in all your business-related social media interactions. Work towards creating value and winning the trust of your customers.

8. Speculate and Gamble on  Advertising Online

You need to be cautious and speculative on investing in digital marketing as you are when investing in new stocks. There is much uncertainty around digital marketing. Rapid changes and updates could leave you sprawling in the dirt, broken.

You need to make informed decisions and move with both speed and precision. Do not invest in a strategy without testing and tracking your efforts for the results. Adapt and exploiting opportunities as they come. This way, you can maximize your gains.

9. Issues of Trust by Customers 

Most customers do not trust digital marketing promotions and adverts. Bombarding them with advertisements and numerous posts about your brand does more damage than good. Many customers have been tricked by fake emails, social media and links only to be taken advantage of.

digital marketing for business

You need to be systematic and strategic. To build your online brand reputation, you need a real website and real customer care personnel to address any concerns by the customers. Allow for online reviews and enable customer engagements through multiple marketing channels. If you are consistent, they will trust you which is a big win.

10. Multiple Variables to Consider in Digital Marketing 

It is easier to measure your Return on Investment (ROI) in traditional forms of advertising, compared to digital marketing. Formulas and proven techniques have long been used effectively, with the help of advertising agency experts.

It is a whole different ball game in digital marketing. The results on Google Analytics are too complex for an average person. Numerous variables need to be considered to make sense of the numbers and their interpretation.

This makes it difficult to justify your ROI. As a decision-maker, how do you make sense of this Digital Marketing Metrics?

  • Bounce Rate

  • Impressions and Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)

  • Cost Per Click (CPC)

  • Customer Lifetime Value

  • User Demographics

  • Top Organic Landing Pages

KPIs help a lot, but the bottom line is that you need to know what digital marketing is all about. You ill be more comfortable and confident if you can assess the effectiveness of each metric, its impact, and how you can maximize your results.

It is clear there is more to Digital Marketing more than setting up a website, posting products, and getting likes and shares on Social Media platforms.

Use digital marketing efforts to complement your traditional marketing methods, as you get to understand more about your brand, customer needs, and industry trends. More importantly, you need to be knowledgeable in digital marketing to measure the effectiveness of the various efforts you have or plan to have in the future.

Like, share and comment about the article below. I look forward to informing you more concerning using new technology to increase your sales, profits, and impact on the market.

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