10 Breathtaking Photos of Beautiful Murals in the World. 

Over recent years we have seen the general public embracing and accepting street art. This is because of how it brightens your moods up when you are walking in the streets that have a colorful mural. Even though you are restricted from traveling, let’s have a quick look at the top ten beautiful murals in the world.

1. The Unexpected

Okuda San Miguel Forth Smith
Okuda San Miguel Forth Smith

The international artist Okuda San Miguel added liveliness to the historic walls of the downtown city of Forth Smith in Arkansas. In 2016, The unexpected initiate brought together artists from the University of Arkansas and students from the local high school. They were invited to bring their creative ideas to life.

They colored roofs, houses, agricultural silos, and courtyards. Giving the whole town a breath of fresh energy and color.

2. Philadelphia Magic Gardens

beautiful wall art

If you ever in Philadelphia, ensure that you visit the Philadelphia magical gardens. The labyrinth of colorful tiles spread across three different cities the majority of which are covered in mosaic art.

3. Soweto – Orlando Towers

beautiful wall art

This Street art of Johannesburg​​​​​​g is nothing short of being called magical

Photo by Gerson Gomes Martin

4. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Discover the diamond inside you.​​​​​​​

Photos of Beautiful Mural in the World. 
Boa Mistura

In the streets of cape town, you will find this old building that was painted in 2011 by a Spanish artist group called Boa Mistura. Which means “Discover the diamond inside you.” The artwork was painted with a diamond inside the heart of Africa. Indicating how rich the continent is

5. African Street artwork

beautiful wall art

The French muralist Seth, collaborated with a local artist in South Africa to create this beautiful African street artwork.

7. Incognito

Photos of Beautiful Mural in the World. 

This wall art is found in Johannesburg, South Africa, it is called Incognito. It is 33 meters tall and 17 meters wide. The mural was created by ABOVE within 6 days and it contains over 20+ different colors.

8. Write on Africa

Photos of Beautiful Mural in the World. This mural is located in Cape Town South Africa. It was created by Ricky to change the neighborhood with an explosion of color.

9 Follow the color

Photos of Beautiful Mural in the World. 
Photo credit: Freddy Sam Flickr

South Africa has a rich diversity of people and colors. The village on Ndebeles in Bothshabelo is well known for mural painting. They create all the graphic patterns and paint their wall. The colors represent the fact that there is a responsible, mother wife and sister who loves her family.

10 Zebra suit

Photos of Beautiful Mural in the World. 

This mural is also found in South Africa. It called the zebra suit. It shows the great connection which the African man has to nature and wild animals.

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