10 Reasons You Should Vote

Politics is a dirty game. We are not to blame for falling for our politician’s honey-coated words. We took a chance on a person in anticipation of change. We have no control over how they decide to behave.

However, we have a say on who gets to lead us. That is all the power we need. Looking at our leader’s past behaviors and traits might not tell us who they are. It certainly gives a rough idea of the person’s capability to lead. Let alone the moral standards he/she upholds. You have to be part of the change we want to bring.

Some of our leader’s shortcomings are:

  • Corruption
  • Misappropriation and Embezzlement of funds
  • Unequal distribution of the national cake
  • Tribalism, Nepotism, and Ethnicity
  • Incompetence
  • Broken Moral Compass.

This is why you should vote:

It Is Your Responsibility

As much as these might deter or even shake your patriotic spirit, it is not an option whether to vote or not. It is solely your core responsibility as a citizen this will go a long way in ensuring we elect competent and capable leaders who will gear our country to positive change. Pointing fingers only worsens the situation. Step Up.


Fosters Democracy

Turning up in high numbers to vote makes democracy more representative. Often groups are likely to support or be affected by a certain bill or act often does not show up to support their ideologies. The consequences of ignoring your voting responsibility can reverberate for years.

It is your Money

In case you do not know, you pay tax on almost everything. Question is, do you know how your hard-earned money is spent? Voting is a slight attempt to ensure that citizens’ money is properly invested.

Look out for leaders who will consider health care and other social services.

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Voting is your voice

Voting is about civic duty. Your desires as a person are expressed as you vote. You get to have a say on public affairs and decisions made by your government. Voting allows you an opportune time to make your candidates accountable. A universal model of citizens expresses themselves.

Elections have consequences

The quality of life you will live as citizens is greatly dependent on the type of leaders we elect. You have an opportunity to raise your thoughts on matters like public transportation, funding of local facilities, even raising the minimum wage. Get to decide whats the best for you.

An Opportunity for Change

We have an opportunity to fabricate our previous mistakes. Electing competent leaders will translate a positive impact on the community. An opportunity to improve our infrastructure and bond as a people. Our voices should be heard.

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It is More Than Just Winning

Supporting a running candidate is not necessarily because they will win. they might not. Clearly understanding your candidate’s manifesto will allow you to make informed decisions. Your aspiring candidate might not win, but whichever candidate does, they will put in effect whatever made their competition popular to win public favor.

MP’s represent Local Areas

Elected members of parliament task are to represent their local areas, raise issues affecting their people, and most especially give advice on a certain issue. It’s more than responsibility for national policies. Mp’s should be adequately vast on immigration status and foster local infrastructure.

It is Your Right To Vote

Long ago, voting was not privileged to everyone. Many campaigners initiated movements, losing hundreds of lives n the process, to allow you the opportunity to vote. Women especially have been left out throughout history when it comes to the decision-making process. Our predecessors fought for our ability to be directly responsible for the candidates we elect.

Bad people are elected into the system every other time by individuals who do not practice their voting responsibilities. If voting did not matter, why o people spend millions to alter the voter’s decision? Not voting makes you invisible to this vast system. cut off from every life-changing decision passed by elected officials. Vote, we owe all our liberators that much.

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