80 Things Real Men Will Never Ever Do

After reading this list, you will think that there are is not even a single real man left in the world. Understand all the things that a mature grown man will never ever do.

There is an old saying that goes “all men are the same.” Do you know why it has lived on for ages? Know you do not know. Stop guessing. It’s simple. It’s not TRUE. Mind-blowing right. You might be wondering how you did not see it yet so obvious. Certainly, we did not get to where we are now on ours. We had tremendous support from all of you.

Men are products of strong capable perfectly structured creatures engineered to facilitate the proper upbringing for any real man.

Table of Contents

1. Hit Ladies

Remind me the last time you heard of a man beating a lady. They do not hit ladies trying to exercise the fact that they are manly enough. Well, what a man can do, a woman can do better. We are sending a message of love and hope to all battered men out there.

2. Play Games

Your worst probable trait in men is their mixed feelings. they are in, they are out. constant uncertainty of the future of your relationship. None of the previous scores want a serious relationship. However, that is not true. Real men are articulate with their intentions with you. they will always let you in on how they feel about you.

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3. Disrespect Others

You probably are used to having men who find it a challenge to apologize. Real men own up to their actions and take responsibility. That this is a man’s world and you have to fall I line- you do not. Ladies do not let men off the hook every time for disrespecting you.

4. Full of Empty Promises

“Do not trust anything from a mans’ mouth.” “All men do is lie- one minute they love you the next they want nothing to do with you.” ” All men are trash” What do we make of all your friends with perfectly normal healthy relationships? Every man wants to give the world to the women they love, you are no exception.

5. Interested in Sex

No denial, Men love sex. This, however, is no cause to establish that all men are interested in is sex. How do you find these men? Guys who only want your body. We crave to dig deep into women’s minds. Our biggest set back is we never have really understood you. We do not all want sex, but the men you pick do.

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6. Commitment Issues

We are perfectly adapted to commit. As much as you put the blame on them, you are. You are attracted to the drama, the “unstable” nature of men. You might even find normal healthy relationships boring. You crave the excitement that comes from dating toxic men.

7. Afraid of Settling Down

Your head has probably managed to convince you, no man will ever be happy with just one woman. That is far from the truth. You are not interested in one woman’s men out there. Most often you would term them as not your type or even nice guys- you know what they say about nice guys.

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8. Express Emotions

Most men possess the ability to give themselves fully to emotions. They might not always be forthcoming with their trials and troubles. do not be fooled. men are human too. They also bleed. Be considerate of their emotions and feelings.

9. Men Cheat

It is not impossible to find faithful loyal men. Not all guys consider sex to be just sex. Trouble is rather than hold out for men who will be loyal and true, you keep settling for infidels who term themselves as men.

10. Hold Impossible Standards

We feel lucky to have a nice lady by our side. Have you ever considered that men do not only love you but also respect you? Any guy who thinks you are not good enough will ultimately taint your innocence. Respect yourself enough to know when to leave.

Tips For Building a Stronger Relationship

11. Selfish

Literally every man’s endeavor is to facilitate the convenience of his people. Love is selfless. There is plenty of men willing to care and appreciate your existence. Holding on to an ingrate for a partner is purely your decision.

12. Break Your Heart

You probably had your heart broken recently. However, do not harbor resentment and classify all men as heart breakers. Stop dating the wrong guys.

13. Enjoy Drama

They prefer having a peaceful life, okay, they do not want any drama in their lives. Before you approach him with any drama, just know that he is not interested. He most probably doesn’t want to hear about it.

14. Love Peace

Real men love their lives to be tranquil. The previous point shows you that they stay away from the drama because they love to have peace. If you can leave them to their play stations and Netflix and chill you will be doing them a huge favor.

15. Wear Jewelry

Real men don’t wear any type of jewelry. Unless of course if it’s a wedding ring. Then they might make an exception. The next time you see a man with an earring…

Just know that they are not a real man. When they make the mistake of wearing an earring on both ears. Just know that ’s something else walking.

16. Don’t Say No Their Spouse

You never say NO to someone whom you are married to. There are other things that you could say. Such as perhaps, or I will think about it. But when your partner requests something You don’t tell your wife NO.

17. Shave the Face, Chest or Legs

First, the hair on your chest is a sign of pride, that you are maturing into a full-grown man. Under no circumstance should a man ever shave his chest hairs. On the same note, a knife should never touch your legs, arms, or face beards.

Let them grow. A real man is supposed to be like a gorilla. If you shave the hair you are only looking like a baby. Ps. Should I say that it’s a turn-on for women?

18. Talk People Down

If a real man is ever going to have a conversation with anybody, then they should talk to the person. Not talking them down and filling them with doubt and negative self-belief. Instead, a real man should encourage and build up people.

19. Hide Their Emotions

Nothing is sexier than a man who is confident in his emotions. Real men express their emotions They communicate how they feel and if something makes them want to cry. They realize that it’s totally fine for them to express their emotions

20. Dye Hair

When you start aging, your hair turns gray. A real man will rock the gray strands on his head. They don’t try to hair black or whatever color your natural hair is.

21. Put on Nail Polish

Real men don’t wear nail polish. It is against the man’s code. The only thing that they do is to cut their nails. Keep them short. Nothing more, not even clear coats.

22. Wear Pink

Some colors are famously relatable to the opposite sex. Real men know this from baby showers, pink is for women, while blue is for men. They never wear pink, unless they are trying to show their support for breast cancer awareness. Then they would wear pink boldly

23. Neglect Doctors Appointment

Real men take pride in their health. They ensure that they do not miss the doctor’s appointment. They are completely against the notion of the society that men don’t go to doctors. Real men understand that their health is their wealth. They try as much as possible to take good care of their health

24. Walk-Behind or In front of their significant other

Real men don’t walk in front of their spouse unless they are trying to protect them from something. They also don’t walk behind them, because how will your spouse know what you are doing there. Unless you are admiring her Asset from the back. Otherwise, real men walk beside their spouse.

One fun fact is that when couples are walking together in the same direction, both at the same pace their hearts are in sync, their body language is in sync. They are more likely to agree on most issues. Because this process signifies that they are both on the same team working towards the same goal and direction.

25. Abuse women

It does not matter what type of abuse mental, sexual, emotional, or spiritual. Point is that no man should ever abuse a woman. Real men protect the emotions of a woman. They protect them financially and physically. Ensuring that the security of that particular woman is safe.

26. Listen to Maroon 5 or Cold play

If they love soft rock, then there is a better artist than they can listen to other than maroon 5 or cold play. The reason being, the lyrics to the songs that these guys sick are sick.

They can make a man emotionally weak. Not only that but media and our choice of entertainment determines the way we perceive love and the things that we are willing to do for love.

27. Sing Justin Bieber and Chris Brown Songs

If you know of a man who can dance or even sing along to the songs of Justin. Just know that you are having a baby. In the form of a grown man. Like I said. There is a lot of choice options when it comes to music Let them sing along to something else, but not these two.

28. Put on Lip gloss, eye shadow, and eyeliner

Let me state that its important for every man to hydrate and moist their lips. Ensure that you wear some lip balm. Nothing is uglier and painful than a man with dried, cracked lips that remove blood. What you should never do, is to put on lip gloss. TF?

On the same note, a real man should never put on eyeliner or mascara. Leave your eyes as natural as God had placed them. Trust me, someone will find you attractive in them as they are in their natural state.

29. Lie to Their Spouse

A real man is smart enough to know that their wife will know the truth sooner or later. Plus I need to say that it is a world-known fact that men are bad liars. There is no point in lying. If you find yourself addicted to lying every single time, then train yourself to speak the truth once in a while, regardless of how painful or ugly it might be.

You will be surprised that your significant other forgive you simply because you said the truth.

30. Carry Clutches/purses

This is against all the men’s cardinal rules. Unless you are carrying the clutch or the purse for your woman, she requests for you to hold it for a brief. Otherwise. A real man doesn’t ever leave the house saying that they have placed their phone and identification card on the purse.

You can carry a wallet and if your stuff isn’t filling in them. It is best to carry the rest of the things in your trouser or jacket pockets.

31. Ask Directions

I found this a little bit funny. But it ’s the truth, men would rather get lost in the middle of nowhere, rather than politely asking for direction. They will be frustrated for hours, trying to figure out the way forward. Till they get lost. And are low on fuel. The worst part is that they will keep on swearing that they knew the way.


Over the years, lots of abbreviations have been created to shorten the texting time.

A real man would rather laugh out loud rather than using LOL. He would say I love you instead of texting ILY. They would excuse themselves for a brief second, instead of texting BRB. TF is that… But when they want to say What the Fuck, they can say it in WTF

33. Use Potty

Real men don’t use potty. When they want to go to the washroom, they head straight for the washroom or pit latrine or even relieve themselves by the roadside. But they don’t ever go to the potty. That is for babies who are below 2 years of age.

34. Do Manicure, Pedicure or Facials

Some things such as facial, manicure, and pedicure, belong to the women. Real men don’t ever sit down in a spa, having their hand nails and legs treated. They grow like wild animals.

35. Never go commando

Real men protect and cover their prideful cock. They don’t leave them unattended without a boxer. Real men put on underpants on top of their pants. They also never wear skirts unless they are putting on a kilt, then they will wear it with pride.

36. Cross Their Legs

Whether sitting or standing. Real men don’t cross their legs unless they are pressed to go to the washroom. Instead, real men sit while spreading their legs wide apart. Almost occupying the whole seat. When they are standing, they stand strong with their legs wide apart ready to attack anything that comes their way.

37. Skip Baths

I understand that you can get lazy at times, especially when you are stuck indoors, the last thing that you want to do is to take a bath, yet you are not going anywhere. Understand that real men love to be fresh and for that to be possible. They do not skip baths. For their own sake. They try to smell like a breath of fresh air.

38. Bathe in perfume

When you are serious about your physical appearance, then you might be tempted to take it a long way. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Real men understand that using a perfumed soup is good enough. You don’t have to add some fragrance in your bathtub trying to smell good. Real men understand that is not necessary

39. Have Soft Hands

A real man’s hand is hard and tough as a block of cement. It is the sign that he has had a proper upbringing doing all the hard chores as a man. If you meet a man whose hands are soft like a baby’s buttock… Feel free to raise your eyebrows

40. Scratch in Public

It doesn’t matter how much that area is itching You don’t ever scratch yourself in public. It is not only gross, but it also makes the people around you uncomfortable. Instead, excuse yourself, go to a public washroom, and relieve yourself of the itchiness. If not wait till you get to your home when you are in the comfort of your sofa seat. You can scratch yourself all you want without giving a hoot.

41. Wear High Waist Tight Pants

This one applies to both genders. However, since our focus is on men. Please stop wearing tight jeans, you are suffocating your balls. That isn’t healthy. Worse yet, the men who wear high waist pants and they have all their intestines suffering in one tight space, causing constipation. Just stop okay, and get rid of the right high waist jeans.

42. Complain

Real men do not whine nor complain. If something is wrong, they simply man up and try to find a solution. They understand that whining won’t solve anything and complaining won’t make anything better. So why does it?

43. Gossip

Real men don’t gossip, neither do they entertain any rumors in their presence. They just don’t. If they have something that they want to say about someone, the simple walk up to them airs their complaints or compliments. One thing is for sure, they don’t have time for gossip.

44. Speak while Eating

Real men were taught proper table manner They know that it is wrong to speak with food in their mouths and they don’t even try to do it. If they have to respond to anything, they will tell the other party to wait, they swallow their meal, then answer. But they don’t speak while chewing food. Their mamas raised them better.

45. Drink and Drive

When they go out to have a little fun, real men ensure that they have a designated driver to bring them back home. But babies who try to act like men would insist on driving just to prove how manly they are. Not knowing that they are putting their lives in danger and the lives of other people who will be using the road if they ever get into an accident. The next time you are out drinking alcohol. Order and uber to drive you back home.

46. Drink/Eat Till They Vomit

Real men understand their body, they listen to it. When they have had enough drinks to their fill, they call it quits. They know that it has not a competition. There is no point they are trying to prove in trying to complete a meal, while they are full, till they vomit.

47. Prove Anything

Real men have matured enough to understand themselves and love themselves, with all their flaws and mistakes. They understand that they don’t have to prove anything to anyone. They don’t even try. They are true to who they are. They are genuine and legit.

48. Pay for S3X

Real men don’t pay to have sexual pleasure with a woman or man depending on someone’s preference. They are confident in their ability to hunt a predator down till they are in their den and he is eating them properly. If the only option that they are left with is to pay for sex, they will do it.

49. Participate in Zumba

They exercise in the gym, the old way, or sweating while exercising their muscles. Real men don’t dance to some songs trying to make physical exercise fun. They can listen to music while on the gym Just don’t expect them to do Zumba

50. Follow Soap Opera

Catch them dead following on the next episode of soap opera. Unless their significant other request them to watch, then they will sit down and watch the show. Because they are as good as dead if they don’t. When they do, even though they hate it, the reward in the bedroom will be massive later in the night.

51. Produce Anybody Body Sounds in Public

It does not matter what hole the noise is coming from; real men will never produce any sound from their body while in public areas. Unless it is sneezing, then you have to excuse yourself

52. Use Their Socks for Other Purposes

We don’t have to say it, real men use their socks for the intended purposes. Wearing them on their feet. So, make sure that your socks don’t have a secondary role that they are performing in your life.

53. Enquire the Meal They Are Having at Night

Real men don’t enquire from their spouse what meal they are having at night. They know that they are being taken care of by a responsible woman who has everything figure out if you are a man and ever catch yourself asking what meal you are having at night.

Then be prepared to cook and clean the dishes afterward. It will be a good break that you will be giving your spouse a good break.

54. Wait for Things to Happen

Only babies who will sit around and wait for things to happen. Real men understand that such miracles don’t exist. If they want something to, they have to make things happen. They get to work and ensure that they work hard and do whatever needs to be done.

55. Put Their Lives at Risk

Real men do not participate in activities that might be endangering their lives They understand that they have people to take care of and they wouldn’t jeopardize their lives. leaving their loved ones in a vulnerable state. Even though they have life insurance, it still important that you are there with your loved ones.

56. Technologically Break Up a Relationship

It is disrespectful for you to break up with a woman via social media, text, email, or phone call. Real men understand that it takes a lot of effort trying to make the relationship work. They respect the woman enough to have a sit-down meeting with them and end the relationship in person.

57. Steal

Real men don’t steal anything that does not belong to them. They would rather hustle and do every hard labor imaginable for them to fend for their families. But when push comes to shove and the only option that they are left with is stealing, then they will do it, to fend for their families. I am not justifying some of the unethical behaviors that you might see in society.

58. Judge People

Real men understand that life is a hard teacher, people’s experiences might be different. They are more kind when they see someone acting in weird behaviors. They are not quick to judge them and speak ill. Instead, they are kinder and gentler to people and leave God to do all the judging and reward people accordingly

59. Afraid to Say I Love You

Real men know that they love their wife and kids if they are blessed with them. They do not shy from expressing their love to the people they love. They could buy their spouse gifts, spend quality time or just continuously tell them time and time again how much they love them

60. Afraid to Lose Love

Real men are secure in their relationships, they know and understand the amount of time and effort they took in setting the right foundation of the relationship. They are guaranteed that their spouse wouldn’t leave them for someone else. They treat their partner in the best way possible. That way the relationship has very few wrangles

61. Cry Watching Movies

They understand the films in the movie are nothing real. They don’t fall for it. Instead, they choose to enjoy the movie without being emotionally moved by it. For the people who watch a movie and cry till their handkerchief is wet, are little boys

62. Fashion Fanatics

Real men don’t give a hoot about fashion. You won’t see them obsessing about the latest fashion trends and wanting to fill their closet with all the pieces from the latest designer. NO, real men have a great sense of style and this may make them look fashionable even though they are not fashioned fanatics.

63. Have a Seat While a Woman in Standing

Mama raised them good, they understand that women are purely goddesses. The ability to give birth to another human being makes them extremely powerful. Even though the woman standing might not be his mother.

Real men would still stand up and give them the respect due to all women. He would rather the woman have a sit and him to stand up. On the other hand. Little boys will insist on having the sit because they are not mature enough to even stand for a few hours. No. It’s because they are jerks

64. Addicted to Their Phones

Real men are not addicted to their phones. You wouldn’t find a real man mindlessly scrolling through the phone. He understands that his time is important that he has other important things to do rather than being addicted to their phones scrolling through social media. Unless it has something to do with business.

65. Wait for Praise

Real men do not wait to be praised for the things that they are supposed to do. They are proud of themselves for the things that they have done. If they are not praised for the action they take, they are not worried a single bit about it. They know that with or without they are still man enough.

66. Wait for Too Long to Read a Book

Real men understand the importance of regularly feeding your brain. They don’t take more than 3 months before reading a new book. They try to read at least a page a day, within a month, he is done with one book, picked the next one for his readers.

67. Blame Others for His Mistakes

They own up to their mistakes, regardless of how embarrassing the situation might be, real men, don’t push the blame to other people, they own up to their mistakes. Take necessary action to make changes

68 Mr. Know it All

Real men are not a Mr. know it all. He knows that he doesn’t know it all. AND he is not ashamed of admitting that fact. He embraces his shortcomings and allows the people surrounding him to fill where he might be deficient

69. Fixate About His Look

Real men know that they may or may not be handsome. He does not obsess all his effort on how he looks like. Afterall he understands that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

70. Forget His Origins

A real man does not forget where he came from. He clearly remembers where he care from and the people who helped him achieve his success. As a result, he pays back all that he owes to the debt of gratitude.

71. Wavering

Little boys are not sure what they want, they are wavering when it comes to making decisions. A mature man knows what they want and they are very decisive when they are making decisions.

72. Wish The Fall of an Opponent

What’s the fun of a game called life if the competition isn’t there? Real men enjoy the competition and they do not wish any bad luck for their opponents. Afterall if the opponent is successful then that means that they will also be a success. Only small body love it easy with no tough competition

73. Misuse People

Real men help people, instead of using them and dumbing them. They ensure that everyone who crosses their path has benefited and left them a much better individual than they were before. Unlike small boys who all that they think about is exploiting people and using them for their benefits

74. Take Things in Life Seriously

He understands that life is short, and it might end anytime. They don’t take things too seriously. Instead, they have fun with life.

75. Quit

It doesn’t matter how tough life; real men are tougher. They don’t ever quit regardless of what is thrown at them

76. Read a List

The last thing is that a real man does not need a list to tell him that the is a real man. He knows that mama raised him right and that even though he might have a few shortcomings. He is still a great man.

77. Concerned About Future

A real man knows his goals and he is focused on achieving them that way he has a stable all-round life

78. Spend all His Finances

He always saves for a rainy day because he knows that they will come. He does not spend all his money on a go

79. One Source of Income

He does depend on one source of income for the survival of his family. He has several other side hustle that is trickling him some income. On top of that all, his investments are not on the same basket.

80. Meme Fanatics

He enjoys memes, they are good for entertainment. But catch his dead posting the memes. He has left the job of creating memes for small boys.

One man can teach you that all men are not the same. Not all boys want your body. Communication will go a long way in ensuring you are aware of any particular engagement you partake. it is simply being sexist categorizing an entire gender for the follies of a few of them After all every market has a mad man.

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