3 Side Effects of Isolating Yourself at Home

Coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the way we used their lives. With the government putting in measures to stop the spread of the virus. Most people have to spend a good amount of their time inside their houses.

Lockdown comes with its emotional struggle trying to maintain a positive mental and emotional health. The biggest issue is that self-isolation at home brings deficiency of vitamin D. This is an important nutrient that your body gets from the sunlight. Which has also been proven by medical doctors to play an important key role in fighting COVID-19.

Read other side effects that your body is faced by isolating yourself at home.

You Undergo Depression.

Side Effects of Isolating Yourself at Home

Living in isolation is hard for 12 million Kenyans living with mental health disorders. This is because individuals suffering from mental health need the support of their friends and family members to give meaning to their lives.

Being locked up at home in quarantine can impact your moods negatively. Making you undergo depression.

A study done by Cambridge University showed that individuals with low levels of Vitamin D are prone to depression. If you can, try to ensure that you get some sunlight and talk with your friends that way you do not feel alone.

Your Joints Hurt.

Side Effects of Isolating Yourself at Home

There are a substantial number of things that can contribute to your joints being in pain. The common one is a lack of nutritious value being provided by the sunlight, that you get when you are outside.

Doctors have shown that having low levels of vitamin D in your blood can cause an inflammatory response which will make you feel pain in the joints.

Weak Immune System.

Side Effects of Isolating Yourself at Home

The fact that you do not have access to sufficient vitamin D from the sunlight because you are self-isolating at home, can weaken your immune system. Lowering the ability of your system to respond to infections and viruses effectively.

Even though you are in self-isolation, ensure that you get sufficient supply but not too much vitamin D It will help you keep your bones stronger and will prevent other types of cancers.

Stay safe, stay home.

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