3 Things Your Kid Will Never Do After Coronavirus

Schools in Kenya have been closed indefinitely.  Leaving parents and children trying their level best to adjust to the new reality of normal that has been brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

Discover some of the activities that your kids will never do after the coronavirus pandemic is over.

1 Sit close to their friends in a classroom

3 Things Your Kid Will Never Do After Coronavirus What makes school fun for our kids is the personal connection that they get to develop with their friends. The days that our kids would sit close to their friends in a classroom, sharing a pencil, and another school stationary is sadly over.Once school reopens, the social distancing rule will be maintained at all times. Meaning that fewer kids will be allowed in a classroom. This will create social gaps, which will hopefully reduce the spread of coronavirus.

2 Your kids won’t go to school every day

3 Things Your Kid Will Never Do After Coronavirus This will probably make kids happy since they already hate going to school. At the same time, it will make things difficult for parents to adjust their schedules. if the kids won’t is in school five days a week.The reality is that in the past, schools admitted lots of children. In order for all of them to get t a chance of learning, they will have to go to school in batches. That is the only way, overcrowding is avoided in schools and physical social distancing maintained.

3 Play in ball pits

3 Things Your Kid Will Never Do After Coronavirus For the parents who used to enjoy taking their kids to the following places:

  • Garden city
  • Two rivers mall
  • Village world
  • TRM

 and all the kid’s play station will never get to do it again. Sad to say that those days are bygones. These kids’ zone area is perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. For us to protect our kids, you wouldn’t take them there. It won’t be a surprise if these places completely shut down their play place.If the play areas are to be opened, then the spaces will have to be disinfected after every kid uses them. This process will not only be tedious but will cost the play business a tone of money. Which will have them shut down in the long run. Plus what’s the fun of being the ball pits alone? The fun has always been in all the kids together in one place playing, enjoying themselves. while their parents get space to breathe.That’s it from us. We hope that you come up with more creative ways in which you can occupy your kids. Because we all know they are at times a ball full of energy that parents cant deal with. Spend time with your kids, stay safe, and stay home.

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