3 Things You Should Forget

A lot has changed in the last couple of months due to the Corona Virus pandemic. So many things that we took for granted are no longer at our disposal. We can barely greet each other with the enthusiasm that we originally had. 

We may miss the old times so much. The bad news is that those times are not coming back. The good news is that there is a new normal that is here with us. We may try to resist or fight it but it is here to stay. 

Work Will Change

Covid-19 has come with so many organizational changes. The way companies used to work has drastically changed. While many companies valued clock in-clock out model of working, times have changed. Working from home for many companies has revealed that so many meetings can be replaced by an email.  11 Easy & Fun Things You Can Do HomeSome companies have hundreds of square feet of floor space that are now empty. Very few people go to the traditional office. The wave of reducing the office space to the bare minimum has begun. The realization that so much can happen remotely means not everyone needs to be in the office or even have one. The use of technology becomes a new way of working. With the success of virtual meetings, there will be a huge reduction in physical meetings. Going out to meet customers will also be on the decline. Virtual and digital calls will challenge the physical customer visit. 

Wedding And Funerals Will Transform

One of the greatest and toughest lessons we have had to learn is that small events can be successful. Life moves on without big crowds. The government directive to limit the wedding and funeral to close family members was a difficult one. Through it, we have learned that small weddings can still happen. Small in terms of congregation and expenditure. It has proved that one can be married without too much fun and flair. Funerals have also been affected. Only close family members are allowed to attend. The process of laying the wreath to rest has also been impacted. It is impacting the African culture and spirit. However, it has to be done t so that the disease does not spread. At times it is less than 24 hours. Spending too much money and energy will drastically reduce in the coming days. Even after the pandemic is over, the change will be the new normal. 

Religious gatherings will be different

The Covid-19 has come with innovations on how we worship. For the first time the congregational worship services have been stopped. Worship has been moved from public spaces into private. No one thought there would be a time when churches, mosques, temples and shrines would have their doors closed. Necessity being a mother of invention, change was inevitable. Now most gatherings are happening online. This is good and bad. While the reach is now not limited to geographical location, attention and attendance has significantly declined. The level of giving has also been impacted. This is because of the economic situation. Though the direct financial support to the institutions has declined there has been an increase in caring and giving to one another. More to the less fortunate in the society. Going forward there will be a large following that will not be comfortable with the traditional ways of worship. They will focus on being right with their God than with the leaders of the places of worship. 


We may desire the normal. But has already passed. There are some things that will also not be normal. How we interact with others will be impacted for a long time. Handshakes and hugs will also take a long time to come back. Wearing a mask will also become part of the new normal. It will take time to readjust when we eventually conquer. 

Let us be prepared to deal with the new normal positively or we will fight a losing battle. 

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