5 Lessons You Should Learn on Closure of Bahati’s EMB Records

A record label is just like any business, hence the failure of Eastlands Most Beloved (EMB) is no wonder. How about we take a minute and look into some of the reasons why it failed.

1. Don’t Mix Ministry & Income 

One of Bahati’s main claims is that EMB was not only a business but also a ministry to share the gospel that is for Christians. Question is did Bahati pray too much and forget that cheques have to be signed?

2. Hello Pressure

We might never know why EMB records were started in the first place, but remember how successful Bahati was before he started it? Yes, before he was called “mtoto wa Diana”.He was having the time of his life. So what if the motive of starting it was all wrong, maybe he did it because he could.


This syndrome is inevitable especially when we start feeling invincible. When in this situation its best we surround ourselves with people who call us out so that our judgment is clear.

3. Partial Commitment

In 2019, an exodus of the artist left EMB. Committing to a business vision and goal is not only the CEO’s job but also the worker bee’s job. Hence it is vivid that Bahati’s minions failed his vision.

He was basically telling them to come dressed up in blue, while they chose to wear every other color in the rainbow but blue.

4. Have a Clear Plan

Making a plan just because common sense calls for it is a wrong move. For there to be a success, there has to be a plan, followed to the latter, which should be reviewed time and time again.


This reduces the chances backstabbers, like in the case of Bahati and Mr. Seed. Because you are all on the same page, the same plan no matter what comes around. Same as a marriage plan. Do or die.

5. Over Ambitious Goals

Supernormal profits, famous logo, millions worth foundations, and employing about a thousand people, maybe more is the vision that most of the entrepreneur at the start. So we do a big launch that makes us over-borrow in the first quarters of the business, only for us to be cutting the same tree branch we are sitting on.

Did Bahati think rationally in trying to help many artists rise, spending lots of money on them at the expense of his business?

Plans failing, isn’t the end of the road, more so when you know what the problems are. Bahati understands this hence, his new plans to. If you have any other observations of the EMB downfall please share with us in the comment section below.

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