Top 10 Best Types of Men Shoes

A mans’ footwear says a lot about his personality and character. The first thing someone notices when they look at you is your shoes. No jacket or that killer shirt you have on. Our feet are supposed to walk us through all life’s hurdles. Show some appreciation to your mode of transport through our daily endeavors.

You must have the correct type of shoes that will feet your legs and still make you look feel amazing.

Suede Oxford wingtips

The wingtip structure flows down the shoe. None other measures up in comfort and swagger. The Nairobi feeling, you know. Like every good thing, maintenance is your utmost priority.

men shoe

Wingtips are designed with a pointed toe cap that spreads towards the sides of the shoes. They look like wings. Cool right?


Loafers are for lazy people. Tell me you do not believe that. Its versatility, comfort, and appearance synchronize with how easy it is to slip in and out of them. In a limbo of whether it’s a formal war or a casual look. This makes it perfect for whatsoever look.

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Quick TIP: for fashion sake, do not, and I repeat do not wear loafers with black socks. Make any other colorwork. However, try it out. You will know why.

Leather Boots

Say you need to step on someone’s face, what do you need? Boots. Boots are utilitarian. You can wear them literally anywhere. Perfect for adverse weather situation and of course stepping on people’s faces.

types of shoes

Crockett and Jones Islay wingtip, Frye Jones Lace-Up Boots are just but good examples of boots. My problem with you is how you pull that look. Do not have these beautiful babies on with a suit. Unless you are looking for the Japanese worker or the lumberjack look. Stay clear of these.

Suede Driving Moccasins

If by now you have still worn a pair, I think you are really missing out. You should really try them. The most comfortable middle ground between a sneaker and a dress shoe. Supper light they feel like socks.

types of shoes for men


Sneakers are detailed authentic pair of shoes suited for both casual and official looks. Sneakers come in handy for long-distance walks. You can wear sneakers with suits. Nothing speaks No Dress Code more like sneakers.

shoes every man should own in 2020

Boat Shoes

The main point of a boat shoe is to save money but keep your swagger outstanding. Designed to uphold the integrity of the boat and grip the deck floors. if you are not feeling like boots, boat shoes are a perfect idea to go with during the rainy days.


Chukkas are casual business boots. extremely comfortable yet look sharp enough for whichever social you are attending. They are the best way of getting to happy-hour and even sweep that girl off her feet with just your shoe game.

types of shoes for men

Chelsea Boots

If you are going for a casual look, then the Chelsea boots will make you look cool. They make a man look unique and fun to be around.

must have men shoes

A man’s Chelsea boots are designed for comfort, that is why they are slim around the ankle that way they are appropriate when you are wearing them with skinny pants and fitted jeans. You will be surprised at how comfortable you find the Chelsea boots.


The pattern and holes in the brogue shoes make it an all-time classic man’s shoes. They are best worn with official outfits. If you want to be known as a smart man, then it is for your own good that you have these shoes in your closet.

must have shoes for men


If you are a man who values his health, then you will find the trainers extremely comfortable especially when going for walks or runs. Over the years the design of the trainers has evolved. You could wear them to the office if you are going for a more casual official look.

Types of shoes for men

The trainers’ shoes will make you look both stylish and smart. The best thing about these shoes is they enter many colors. Best advisable that you choose a shoe color that you can wear both when going to the office or on a daily exercise routine.


No doubt that they have been around since time memorial. They don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The espadrilles are comfortable shoes that take the shape of your feet. The shoes are perfect for hot weather because of their ability to bring in air.

If all you want to do is chill, ensure that you have the light and flat espadrilles on. They will help your feet relax.

2020 must have men shoe

There are essential shoes that every man should have in his closet for year-round wear. You would wonder how things you slip into your feet bring so much happiness. Every great endeavor originates from your feet. It’s important to have a proper selection of footwear.

The shoes carry the man while the man carries the world on his shoulders.

“It is not the mountains ahead that wear you out, it’s the grain of sand in your shoe” Robert W. Service (1874-1958). Here’s the ultimate Alpha Male guide to have the perfect set of kicks.

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