5 Surprising Ways to Understand Beautiful women

Do you find it a difficult problem understanding the women in your life? They say women are complex creatures. But it should be easy for you to understand the beautiful women in your life

First, you have to let go of all the preconceived notions you have about women. Take a look at five surprising ways you can use in understanding women.

#1 Ask her how she is

beautiful women

Reading body language is important, but also you cannot have surety of what she is thinking unless you ask. The key thing in asking paying attention to the answer, and politely asking for clarification if not clear.  Make sure that you are not pushy.

Have a look at some of the pro tip questions you can use:

  • “How are you feeling?”
  • ” Did I upset you earlier?”
  • “How can we solve this?”
  • “What can I do to make it better?”

 Then depending on the answers that she gives you, you can ask more leading questions to get to the root of the matter.

Whatever you do. Make sure that she knows you are there, you care and you want to make things better for them.

#2 Connect with her

beautiful women

The pressure from work sometimes tears us apart for the whole day.  when you get back home tired and moody, and you find your woman is eagerly waiting to receive you at the door. It is important you converse with her before, you take a rest. Show her that she still matters.

Pro tip question: “How was your day?”

Asking your woman this question will make her feel important knowing that you are interested in how she spent her day.

Please note that you only ask this question if you are actually ready to know how her day was. Because at this point you know that women can describe their day in endless paragraphs.

When you do ask, pretend to enjoy listening. Don’t pretend, try to enjoy listening. Cause you might get rewarded big time later on in the night.

#3 Avoid jumping into conclusions

beautiful women

When she does something, you don’t agree with or understand avoid jumping into a conclusion. Instead, voice your concerns calmly and respectfully allow her to explain herself.

Tip question: “I got really hurt by what you said about my family. Why did you say it?”

Understand that you have different upbringings with your woman. Try to understand their point of view first.

Doing this will make you look like a responsible man. Trust me there is nothing that turns a woman on, than a gentleman who doesn’t jump into conclusions.

#4 Activate your interest in what she likes

beautiful women

Ask her what she likes to do. For example, her favorite hobbies. Then you’ll be able to understand her better and get more out of your relationship. Even the least of shown interest is appreciated

Tip question: “How did you get into swimming?”

#5 Give her full attention

beautiful women

No matter how close your relationship with a woman is, it will be challenging to understand if you are not present or paying attention. Give her quality attention every time you are with her (it does not have to be 24/7). Don’t just speak, but respond with understanding and follow up questions.

Bottom line

Women are amazing beings that should be understood and taken care of. We would love to hear how these five tips will help you understand women better.

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