5 Zoom Secret Tips That Will Improve Your Meetings

Working from home entails that you attend several meetings in the week with different clients. Have a look at 5 zoom secrets that you can incorporate instantly and you will see improvements go to the next level.

Improve your looks

working from home use zoom meetingWhen you are quarantined at home for more than three weeks. You forget to put some effort into looking good. Next time that you are having a meeting online. Try taking a shower, apply some makeup and, brush your hair. These simple tasks will improve your appearance for the zoom meeting.If putting on makeup seems like a lot of work. Try using video effects that touch up your face and make it seem like you are having to make it upon.

Record your video meeting

working from home use zoom meetingWorking from home isn’t easy. you tend to be disrupted by a lot of things. If you are having meeting all day. Consider recording your meetings, then you can reply to them when you have time to concentrate and focus on them.To record your meeting is quite simple. Go to my meeting settings, and press the record tab. Once the meeting is over, it will automatically convert the video and save it on your desktop. Then you can share it with other people.It is good behavior for you to notify the guests who are joining you in the meeting that the whole proceeding is being recorded. 

Sync Your Google Calendar with Zoom Meetings

If most of your work is done online. Then consider having the google calendar add on. it will help you to integrate your zoom meeting into your current schedule.For you to integrate your zoom into your google calendar. 

  • Go to G-suite marketplace or your google admin
  • Search for the ” zoom for Google calendar
  • Install the add-on

That’s it! Google calendar will notify you every time there is an upcoming meeting. 

Approve your guest’s requests 


If you are the host of a zoom meeting, ensure that you approve the requests for guests to join in the zoom meeting. 

To do this, go to the attendee’s tab. You will be able to see the people who are waiting for their request to join the meeting to be approved.

You could also use a zoom waiting room feature to make the guests wait till you are ready to start the meeting. This is also a good feature to use when you are giving the latecomers a five minutes window before starting the meeting. That way when you start. Everyone gets to be on the same page.

Use a virtual background.

working from home use zoom meetingIf you don’t feel like straightening out your home workspace. then consider using the virtual background. This zoom feature will allow you to display an image or video of your choice as a background during the meeting. Follow the following steps to turn your zoom meeting virtual background on:

  • Go to Account setting
  • Scroll to the meetings tab, and turn it on a button.
  • If your meeting has already begun, you could put the backgrounds by clicking the upwards – facing arrow, that is next to the “stop/start video.”

We hope that you get to have a better-looking zoom video meeting. 

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