7 Anti-Aging Foods That Will  Leave Your Skin Looking Younger

As age in years, the young beautiful skin you used to have as a young lad becomes fragile. Aging causes your skin to hang loosely with wrinkles on it.

Research done by dermatologist Silkie K Schag in Berlin, Germany revealed that skin aging is very much connected to nutrition. Are you ready to have that beautiful, glowing skin?

If you want to have a young beautiful glowing skin, take a look at the 7 anti-aging foods that will leave you looking younger.

#1 Nuts

Anti-Aging Foods

Studies by health line researchers have proven that many nuts more so almonds have a great source Vitamin E which aids in skin tissue repairs. This helps your skin to retain its moisture, preventing skin breakout because your skin is retaining moisture while preserving its natural oil barrier while offers protection from damaging UV rays.

Pro tip: Once in a while having nuts sprinkled in your salads or a snack.

#2 Sweet Potatoes

Anti-Aging Foods

Research shows that Vitamin A in sweet potatoes comes from an antioxidant called beta-carotene, which gives it the orange color. This helps in restoring skin elasticity, promoting skin cell turnover ultimately give that youthful skin look.

Pro tip: Try boil some sweet potatoes, and have them with a chilled vanilla smoothie. Taste the difference.

#3 Red Bell Pepper

Anti-Aging Foods

According to Atli Anarson, a Ph.D. Nutritionists, red bell peppers are loaded with antioxidants. This makes them supreme in anti-aging. Their anti-inflammatory properties help in protecting skin from pollution, environmental toxins, and sun damages.

Pro tip: Slice bell peppers and add them raw in your salad or cook them as steamed veggies.

#4 Papaya / Pawpaw

Anti-Aging Foods

Natalie Butler, RD, nutritionist reported findings that eating Papaya aids your body in removing dead skin cells. This being due to the various vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium Vitamin B, C, A, K, E. In fact, it is one of the best in giving a glowing skin.

Pro tip: Blend papayas and have them as a juice or make a fruit pudding snack for your lunch today.

#5 Broccoli

Anti-Aging Foods

Vitamin C, K, fiber, folate, lutein, and calcium, are just some of the anti-inflammatory, anti-aging contents of broccoli. The collagen is produced by vitamin C aids in giving skin strength and elasticity.

Pro tip: Broccoli is best eaten raw, or steamed.

#6 Spinach

Anti-Aging Foods

Health line experts say that spinach is super hydrating, packed with antioxidants that help replenish and oxygenate the entire body. They are high in vitamin C which helps in keeping skin firm and smooth. Also, its vitamin A content promotes strong, shiny hair.

Pro tip: Add a few leaves in your daily smoothie and salad.

#7 Avocado

Anti-Aging Foods

The high content of vitamin K, E, A, C, B, and potassium as research has shown are very critical in preventing the negative aging effects. They contain a high concentration of inflammatory-fighting fatty acids that promote smooth, supple skin.

At times, the environment we live in and technologies are changing, pollution is on the rise. These are some of the things we cannot necessarily control except for what we are eating. Which anti-aging foods are you adding to your meals today?

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