7 Signs You’re Addicted to Your Smart Phone

If you feel like you can’t survive without your phone, you might have an addiction. So many people always have the constant urge to have their phones near them.

This symptom called Nomophobia,{no mobile phone phobia} It is the fear of not having your phone.

Here are seven signs that show you might be a phone addict.

1. You Lack Sleep

7 signs that show you are addicted to your phone

If you are having trouble sleeping, it could be that you are an addict to your phone. The light released on your phone screen can destroy your sleep routine, making it hard for you to sleep. Instead of scrolling on social media feeds until you fall asleep at night. Try incorporating a sleep routine, where you don’t use your phone one hour before bedtime.

It will be hard at first. But, your body deserves some rest and your mind needs to take a break from all the online information.

The bright side is that when you wake up in the morning, your phone will still be there with you. So sacrifice an hour in the evening before bed.

2. You’re Anxious

7 signs that show you are addicted to your phone

Being addicted to your phone does not imply that you have a look at it every single second. It can also be seen if you have become dependant on your smartphone in a manner that obstructs your daily life.

If the thought of not having your phone causes you to be anxious or you can’t possibly imagine a day spent without your phone. Then you might be addicted to your phone.

If you are anxious by the fact that you cant spend more than 30 minutes without looking at your email or respond to people’s messages or viewing the latest status by your friends. Then you might be addicted to your phone.

3. You Can’t Stand for More than 60 Seconds Without Checking Your Smart Phone.

7 signs that show you are addicted to your phoneResearch

done by Deloitte indicates that every minute more than 4 million people respond with the ‘like’ button to content on Facebook.

That is a huge number already. if you ever find yourself on your phone every minute, know that you are suffering from nomophobia.

4. You Lose Track of Time

7 signs that show you are addicted to your phone

Our smartphones are designed to suck us into the tech world.

Anytime you find yourself taking a break from your phone back to the real world, you realize that the day is far gone and a huge chunk of it was spent on your phone. If you are bored and want to go back hanging out with the people on your phone. Then it is a clear sign that you are addicted to your phone.

5. You Scroll Your Phone Mindlessly

7 signs that show you are addicted to your phone

If you ever catch yourself scrolling through different websites and social media feeds like a hungry zombie that feeds on likes. Then you are addicted to your phone. Don’t try to justify this by the fact that you have “nothing better to”.

Wasting your time mindlessly scrolling on feeds is not a good excuse. Try to take a break once in a while and do something different like reading physical books.

6. You Drive Text

7 signs that show you are addicted to your phone

You might think that you have pro driving skills that you can have phone calls, and text while driving. The truth is that the fact that you are suffering from nomophobia is putting your life at risk.

If you can’t resist the urge of responding to someone’s text, how about you park by the roadside, respond to the message then continue driving. or better yet, turn off your phone till you arrive at your destination.

Because if you can’t put your phone away while driving on the road, you are not only putting your life in danger but the lives of other drivers who are sharing the same road with you.

7. You Can’t Quit.

7 signs that show you are addicted to your phone

You have tried several times leaving your phone at the phone, switching it off, or even giving it to your partner to hide for a certain duration of time. But every single time the urge of having your phone on your hands simply drives you crazy.

Instead of trying to avoid completely and anytime you fail, you feel terrible. Try breaking your addiction in small chunk sizes. If you are used to checking your phone every 60 seconds, try putting it away for just ten minutes.

As time progresses, add some more milestones for yourself. Hold yourself accountable to break the addiction that you have with your phone.

Remember that this is not a competition! The pressure of not having to check your phone every time there is a notification is already too much. Give yourself a break of trying end the addiction all at once. Instead, try to break the cycle piece by piece. Soon enough you won’t be suffering from nomophobia.

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