9 Google Search Hacks To Get The Best Results 

Let’s admit it. We all ask Google the difficult questions, sometimes several times in a day. Over 7 Billion searches daily, according to internetlivestats.com. There are useful tricks and tools in Google’s arsenal to help you get exactly what you are looking for it on the web.

So here is how to use Google search like a pro to save time and be more productive.

 #1 Use Google Search Filters 

The space below the search field in Google results always offers some simple clickable tabs to filter results. YOu can view images, videos, news, maps, etc related to your search term. Just click on any of those to see results in those specific types of content.

Google Search Filters
Google Search Filters

 #2 Use Google Search Advanced Search 

If you are using a desktop computer or a laptop, you have an advanced search option in your Google search results page. To find it, click on the settings tab and select advanced search. It provides you two fields that you can use to narrow down your search to things like location, language, reading level and much more.

Google Search Advaced

 #3 Use Quotation Marks 

Using quotation marks when searching for a term will give you results that exactly match the phrase or word searched for. If you do this, Google will not say ‘did you mean’. I’m sure you saw that before. So if you want to ascertain what apps are free on Android, search ‘”free android apps”.

 #4 Use A Dash Or Minus Sign 

This tells Google to exclude unwanted terms or results. For example a search for animals-cats will give results of all animals excluding cats.

#5 Use Tilde To Search For A Keyword And Its Synonyms   

If you are looking for a whole number of similar terms, you do not have to list all those keywords out in a query.

Instead, you can use the tilde symbol to include results with synonyms of that word.

Type this in the search bar: unicorn ~magical

Using the tilde can widen your search and pull additional results that would not necessarily come up otherwise.

#6 Use A Site Query To Find Anything   

Even if a website has its own search function, using a site query can be more effective.

You can use Google to search within that website by typing the following into the address bar.

Type this in the search bar: site:tpmediamarketing.com seo

You can then use other search parameters with your desired keywords to narrow your search and find exactly what you’re looking for.

# 7 Narrow Your Results With Two Periods.   

If you want to search for something within a certain range of price, measurement or time, using two periods can help you do just that.

Instead of putting “to” in-between the parameters, just put in two periods with no space.

Type this in the search bar: smartphone technology 2017..2020

 # 8 Use Google Search Wildcards   

Use a “*” symbol if you are after a specific result but cannot remember one or more keywords. This is especially useful if you are trying to find a movie, book, or song title. It can also be used to search for relative word forms (“phone*” will include searches for smartphones, telephones, mobile phones, and so on).

 #9 Use Google’s Calculator   

Search for “calculator” or type in an equation. There are also unique calculators for restaurant tips (“tip calculator) and a mortgage calculator (“mortgage calculator”).

Now you are equipped to use Google Search like a pro, head out, and test your new skills!

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