Time Flies: 6 Improvements on Apple Watch Series 6

Over 100 years the traditional watch focused on one thing only, and that is to tell time. It’s incredible how the Apple watch has revolutionized what you can do with the watch series 6.

Apple is the most innovative tech company that makes products that better our lives. Right from your wrist you can check the weather, be notified of messages, work schedule mails, turn off the lights of your smart home and the best part is that you can track your health and fitness from your Apple watch series 6.

Apple has raised the bar with these 6 improvements on the Watch Series 6.

Apple Silicon

Inside the watch series, 6 is the 6th generation silicon package Apple silicon that has the high performing dual-core processor with the most powerful chipset ever used in a smartphone, the A13 Bionic chipset found in the iPhone 11.

Features in Apple Watch Series 6

Apple has optimized the A13 Bionic chipset to perform in the Series 6 Apple watch, making it 20% faster than the previous watch generation. This allows you to measure your oxygen level, heart rate, make phone calls, listen to music from your watch.

Hand Wash Detector

Coronavirus is a global pandemic that has affected everyone. Anytime you wash your hands, your Apple Watch Series 6 will automatically detect the motion and sound when you are washing your hands. It will encourage you to continue until you have achieved the 20 second’s hand-washing time recommended by the World Health Organization.

Maximal Oxygen Uptake Sensors

Apple watch series 6 uses VO2 Max to monitor your motion during intense exercise, it uses your heart rate to form aerobic endurance while you are keeping fit.The Apple watch series 6 captures your oxygen level powerfully. Notifying you when the VO2 Max is running low.

Watch Face

Apple Watch face has combined its deep respect for the timekeeping and powerful capabilities of the Apple watch series to create beautiful watch face designs.

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GMT face that shows multiple time zones at once, taking into account your current location.

Count up phase allows you to take a count down

The chronograph time phase allows you to take multiple time scales and even measure speed. Based on time travel over a distance.

We all love using meme’s Apple has incorporated the emoji phase on the watch series 6, allowing you to bring your favorite emoji sticker and they all move and react to your touch on the watch.

Health sensor

On the inside, they pack the Apple watch series 6 with incredible technology. The health sensor can note the oxygen level in your blood in 15 seconds. Apple Watch is a powerful tool for measuring your heart rate, heart rhythm, and Blood oxygen circulation. The watch series 6 has a sleep app that uses emotional sensors to track your sleep giving you deep insights into your health and lifestyle

Apple Solo Loop

Traditional watches came with a metallic, or leather strip that was limited to a few size fits. The Apple Watch Series 6 has a remarkably simple solo loop. There is no glass, no buckle, or strings that are hanging out. It is one piece of continuous loop strand. The solo loop is stretchable so you can easily put it on and remove it when you want to. It looks great; it is durable and the best part is waterproof, so you can swim with it, without worrying about your watch being destroyed with water. Apple Watch Series 6 perfectly combines powerful features and beautiful designs. This year it has raised the bar with the 6 improvements that we have mentioned above.The bottom line, Apple watch series 6 gives people a better understanding of their health fitness so they can live a better day. Let us know down the comment section which of these improvements is your favorite.

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