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7 Best Places to Go Target Shooting in Kenya

target shooting

Are you looking for the ideal place to practice your target shooting skills? Then look no further than Kenya. In this East African country, there are lots of great places to go target shooting, from the plains of Maasai Mara to the coastal resorts of Mombasa and other picturesque locations.

Target shooting is a popular activity in Kenya. However, there are specific guidelines that should be followed when engaging in the activity. Additionally, there are some places that offer the best experience for target shooting enthusiasts.

In this article, we discuss seven of the best places in Kenya to go target shooting. Whether you’re a novice shooter or an experienced marksman looking to reinvigorate their shooting skills, any one of these amazing ranges could be the perfect choice for your next trip!

Bamburi Rifle Club (BRC)

target shooting

The Bamburi Rifle Club (BRC) have been in operation for over 48 years and they are located in four sites. They offer some of the best facilities for target shooting enthusiasts who observe safety rules set by the Bamburi Rifle Club.  It’s an affordable place with plenty of open fields, targets, and rifle training.

Their members are from all walks of life, most of whom are the cream of Mombasa society. Everyone of at BRC is a registered private firearm holder. Their Range is the only licensed outdoor Shooting Range in Mombasa County, and we hold internal shooting competitions and National contests frequently in conjunction with International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA).

Kirigiti Long Range Shooting Kiambu

Shooting range in Kirigiti is another imitation of an genuine battle scenario to explore. Situated at Gitata Farm, in Kiambu county, the Kirigiti firing range can be accessed by taking bus number 100 from Odeon in CBD and exiting at Kirigiti Stadium. As you approach, you can hear the sound of gunshots emanating in the atmosphere. Crimson banners waving flagrantly in the breeze with various writings cautioning not to venture too near to the shooting grounds.

Kirigiti shooting range in Kiambu is a practical live-fire venue for licensed gun owners residing in Kenya. It provides tuition at a significant fee and is known as a reputable school for marksmanship and resistance against recklessness and undesired behaviour. Hopefuls may use this quality training centre to take their aiming aptitude to new heights as documented gun enthusiasts.

Acquiring an authorization necessitates making an application to Kenya Firearms Licensing Board specifying what kind of weapon will be enrolled or approved for supervision. You could opt to shoot for self-defence or just for recreation, as it’s stated earlier that shooting can also work as stress reliever from time-to-time.

For training, it’ll cost about Ksh 3000 per hour however, children receive free instruction as they upgrade their shooting skill set. I myself got the chance to attempt bending a few mannequin targets with support from our instructor that caused me my maiden real life-shooting adventure with exceptional acceptability even though I got close but no cigar!

Should you have queries concerning this matter, kindly dial 0769707323/0768598630 or email your inquiries through info@gunownershipkenya for response immediately after.

Ammodump Limited

Ammodump Limited main focus is on producing high quality shooting equipment’s located in Westlands Nairobi they have one of the most impressive ranges with high standards against violations.

They also have Ammodump Kwenia shooting range which is a relatively fresh shooting range located about 100 kilometres away from Nairobi. There is not much information obtainable about this spot, but what we do know is that they have camping accommodations and vast extents of land available for agribusiness.

In terms of shooting actions, they collaborated with Kenya Sport Shooting Federation (KSSF) to hold a shooting expedition with furnished ranges at distances of 50 Metres, 100 Metres, 200 Metres, 300 Metres and 600 Metres.

It is also affiliated with multiple firearms organisations such as the 5.11 Tactical and Benelli ,which makes it one of the prime destinations for operating within defined regulations and fulfilling international standard shooting requirements.

Kenya Regiment Rifle Club

target shooting

Kenya regiment rifle club was established in 1952, they have been trailblazers in establishing shooting as a game in Kenya. At present, they are competing in all International Shooting Sport Federation events and Fullbore and plan to introduce International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) as part of one of our sports to develop here.

They are situated in Langata Nairobi city centre offering berms up to 600 yards distance along with numerous stages ranging from short range to long range targets depending on your skill level.

This location provides all necessary range services while observing stringent safety protocols given the proximity of its location to major suburban homes near its perimeter walls.

Beginners can familiarize themselves with basic weapons handling skills before joining covenants or even participating in competitions organized here occasionally by professional marksmen worldwide.

Kedong Shooting Range

Kedong Firing Ground is situated in Naivasha Moi’s Southern Lake in Kedong Ranch. It houses a 30-bay range, a shoot house, 1.5 kilometres Range and 800 metres Range. The firing tower is five stories high and is the best institute for team building and tac education in various disciplines.

Kedong Shooting Range is easily accessible if you’re travelling from towns like Naivasha or Karai through the Moi South lake road making it an ideal destination for skeet shooters from all over central kenya wanting to hone their skills without having to travel too far out of town. 

Thereby limiting their budget expenditures drastically let alone receive certified guidance from experienced professionals at hand using their conveniently setup ranges available across outdoor areas including mountain side hiking chapters ended off grandly through after good hard day aiming away your bullets up straight into sky skyrocketing down onto designated clay pigeons accordingly .

National Gun Owners Association of Kenya Shooting Range

target shooting

This gunsmith based located in Kiambu near Kiringiti, it serves its customers exactly what they need starting off with usual classes conducted detailing topics under single barrel shotguns on up till varying classifications between semi automatic ones teaching guests basics behind managing firearm postures , movement acumen & stance related knowledge.

Nanyuki Sports Club

The Nanyuki sports club is perched on the lower slopes of Mt. Kenya, the Nanyuki Sports Club came into being in 1921 and is renowned for its top-notch golf course, sporting amenities, fine cuisine, and hospitable reception accorded to each visitor.

They have fine tuned across terrain curves shooting venues dedicated solely armed sports purposes learning institutes across region annually attending seminars educative workshops happy welcoming beginners intermediates turning end hosting promised camps fellows, colleagues, and friends curiosity.

If you are looking forward to enjoying your shooting range experience, visit the Nanyuki sports club for some memorable outdoor shooting experience. Have a read at the best family friendly clubs in Kenya.

Kenya is indeed a beautiful location for visitors seeking a diverse array of experiences with incredible wildlife, spectacular scenery and memorable cultural interactions. For aspiring gunners looking to perfect their skills, we have highlighted some of the incredible scenic spots Kenya has  to offer that are both challenging yet safe.

Gun range facilities in Kenya indeed offer something special with tranquil settings and controlled environments whilst also providing an exhilarating experience that tourists wouldn’t expect while visiting the wilderness.

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