Top 10 Reasons To Buy A New Smartphone  

Smartphones have become smarter in serving people who use them. If you’ve been using your current phone for more than a year, then this list will enlighten you on the signs it is time to get a new smartphone.

P.S. I will surprise you it is very affordable to get the latest device.

Brilliant Cameras  

We are living in a world where we want to capture every memory on our smartphones, and what better way to do that by having a brilliant camera on your phone.

In recent years we have seen smartphone manufacturers releasing new phones with a high megapixel count of up to 100 MP on the camera.

Brilliant Cameras  smartphone

Imagine the camera capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy note 20 ultra or the iPhone 11 pro max… It is mind-boggling what these phones can do.  If you are still stuck with a phone that camera lens is broken or it has a megapixel count of less than 20 MP then it is high time that you get a new smartphone.

Making it easy for you to take a new phone and enjoy the brilliant cameras they have to offer. Check out the best smartphone discounts that Jumia offers.

Your Phone Breaks Down  

It can annoy to have a phone that keeps on shutting down or breaking because the operating system is old.

The two most popular operating system is Google Android and Apple IOS. The best way to upgrade to the latest operating system is by purchasing a new phone.


In 2020 we have seen Apple release the latest chipsets IOS 13 on iPhone 11 Pro Max series, making it the most powerful smartphone. While Android has also upgraded its devices with Android Operating system 10. a smartphone such as Samsung Galaxy Note 10 ultra can operate as a laptop device.

If you are sick and tired of your phone breaking down the cause of the operating system, then consider upgrading it to the latest operating system by purchasing a new phone on Ghulio.

Low Memory Storage  

Low memory storage is one thing that can annoy you and get into your nerves till you swear to never use the smartphone again.

Nothing more annoying than you can add a new contact or download an image because your phone doesn’t have enough storage. Instead of buying a new expandable storage card, it would be best to purchase a new phone that gives you more RAM and ROM.

In 2020 we have seen smartphones such as One plus 8 Pro, giving you an internal storage of up to 6GB with a memory of 256 GB. I bet it would take a long time for you to fill this storage and start considering getting an external storage card.

Gorgeous Ultra High Displays  

Samsung Galaxy S20 Amoled Display


One inevitable thing is your screen display is going to crack. Even if you have a screen protector, your phone can accidentally fall, causing your screen to be broken.

The sad truth is that replacing a new original screen can be quite expensive. Why not buy a new phone that has a gorgeous High definition display with a high refresh rate? Smartphones such as Huawei has a refresh rate of 120 Hz with a screen display of 1440 by 3360 pixels.

Quick side note, if you are wondering what a refresh rate is then probably you’ve never used a phone that has a refresh rate. A refresh rate enables you to smoothly scroll through your phone. It is the best experience you can ever get.

Charging Problems  

This is also a big issue with smartphone owners. if your charging system has issues, where it does not want to accept a charger immediately, experiment with it, then it is time that you get a new phone.

Samsung galaxy s20 ultra battery

Also, another annoying thing is when you have plugged your phone to charge but it loses the battery… let’s say you connected it and 40 percent, and when you have a look at it 30 minutes later the phone is at 20 percent. Get a new phone.

Smartphone manufactures have created smarter phones that can charge wirelessly and reverse charge. Phone such as One Plus pro can fast charge in less than 30 minutes to full capacity.

Battery Life Decreases  

People care about battery life a lot, because what use is it to have a dead phone. If the battery life of your phone drastically reduces, then it is a favorable time you get a new phone.

Have a look at Ghulio, they offer you some of the best phones with a battery life that can last up to 72 hours.

The Phone is Lost or Stolen  

Nairobi is all fun and memes till someone steals your phone in Nairobi. Or anywhere, for that matter. Smartphones are the easiest items stolen by thieves. So if you are unfortunate enough that your phone got stolen, or you lost it in a public vehicle, go ahead and buy a new one.

Smartphones Are Very Affordable  

Contrary to popular believes, getting the latest smartphone is affordable. You don’t believe me? Think about what it would cost you to purchase the latest camera separately, then purchase a computer, calendar, and daily planners… Now think about having these things into one device.

Smartphones offer you great value for a quarter of the price. If you want the best deals, go ahead and buy a smartphone at

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You Seek Quality

One Plus 8 Pro review Kichanzo

This is one of the big reasons I would advise you to get a new phone. If you seek quality in the smartphone devices that you use, then purchase the latest smartphones.

Having a quality phone that serves you is important because it is a utility that you get to use daily. You make important calls, do mobile banking and money transactions, send text messages to people, and capture your important memories through your smartphone camera.

If your finances enable you to upgrade to the latest smartphone device then go ahead.

Tech Lovers  

This should have been my first point, but it doesn’t hard to place as the tenth tip. Because if you have read this far, then it probably means that you are a tech lover and agree with most if not all the points I have mentioned up above.

People who are obsessed with tech love collecting the latest gadgets, tinkering with them, and then assembling it back together as a better version of the original phone.

If you love technology, invest in buying the latest smartphone gadgets, you will love the experience.

There you have it, the top ten reasons to buy a new smartphone device. If you enjoyed reading this list, let us know down the comment section below.

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