Young Dr. Stephen Mogusu Succumbs to COVID-19

Every life matters!

Some animals are more equal than others. Some Kenyans are more superior to others. Others are children of a lesser god. Their lives don’t matter. The truth that is often preached.

Dr. Stephen Mogusu was a young enthusiastic Kenyan. He gave his life for others to live. That’s the ultimate sacrifice. Does Kenya need to stop because a doctor has died? YES.

Dr. Stephen Mogusu covid-19 death

While we will all die, some deaths are preventable.

By taking up a profession in the medical field, our health workers know the risks but accept to save lives, anyway. But that should not be a death warranty. Doctors deserve to be cared for and protected. By blackmailing them through the Hippocratic, Oath are total disregards of the role they play in keeping others alive.

They agreed to use their lives to protect life. But not at the expense of their own. This is so critical that even the WHO in recognizing World Patients Day 2020 made it about the safety of health workers. This is how important health workers are in the life of any patient.

Dr. Stephen Mogusu Death

Dr. Mogusu died because he put his life on the line by saving others. Let us dissect the life of the young Doctor;

At 28 he had barely tasted the fruits of his hard work. To be honest, beyond the 7 years of going to medical school, it requires a lot of sacrifices in the social realm. By looking at the years, he can only have worked for less than two years as a doctor. This is too painful for any parent, relative, and even self. The input; time and all other resources have not made enough returns in the life of the young doctor.

Not everyone can be a doctor. The academic qualification and need are so high to finish through education. Dr. Mogusu must have been an intelligent young man who gave his life as a ransom for the life he saved. The patient he attended to.


Before he could reconstruct his social investment that might have been lost during his academic journey, he is no more. What a loss. What he had recreated has been shattered. A young family left in the cold.

At the time of his demise, he had spent 5 months saving lives without a salary. With no insurance. Knowing fully well what he was putting himself up to. But for the sake of other Kenyans, my brother, your sister, our cousin, your mother, he still gave his all. Being a doctor, he worked tirelessly to make sure the COVID-19 could live another day.

Dr. Mogusu knew the off each breath of air. He worked in a facility with constrained resources. Making use of the resources and medical equipment just to keep a patient alive. Lack of oxygen in the hospital did not dissuade him from treating the patients.

Dr. Stephen Mogusu Dies of covid19

Choosing to be a doctor is a sacrifice. One to be respected and commended. No one should purport that they deserve to die because they served. If all doctors down their tools to deserve better service, they are not looking for extravagance. They are only looking to improve their working conditions and save more lives.

Always consider how many lives a doctor saves before saying that their lives do not matter. Their demands are legitimate. If we want our doctors to continue serving and fulfilling their oath, we must improve their working conditions and pay them well and on time.

Dr. Stephen Mogusu

If you think Dr. Mogusu’s life is not special when your sister’s hypertensive situation worsens, consult the mama mboga outside your house for treatment. For heart issues, consult the cobbler. He heals soles, hearts are not too far off.

Dr. Stephen Mogusu and all other health workers who have lost their lives need posthumous medals of honor. Their families deserve compensation. Their service to this country is commendable and can’t be ignored.

Condolences to the entire medical fraternity, the family and friends of Dr. Mogusu, and all other health workers who have lost their life.

Rest in Peace Dr. Stephen Mogusu.

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