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We were never prepared for the emergence of Covid-19 let alone had the time to brace ourselves for the impact it would have on our lifestyles as a race. In as much as the reparations are dire should we not adhere to the set guidelines by virologists, we risk furthering our distress. Compliance is mandatory should we want to walk through this pandemic as a unit.

All is not lost, in the face of death we have seen the best of people. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps you think nothing good can come out of this, but you are wrong, here is why:

1. It’s a realization, a wake up call to upgrade our local health facilities as we can no longer be transferred from our native mother countries to more medically developed countries for treatment. We need to build our own as a counter in case of a total lockdown

2. Social bonding: I bet you cannot remember the last time you were this present at home with your family. Take this time to sharpen your parenting skills, as well as mold mentor, encourage and motivate your children and siblings. An opportunity to better our bonds through interactions we have as we go about our various responsibilities.

3. Productivity among employees has greatly improved as workers are working lesser hours hence more time to innovate more efficient strategical approaches as they are getting maximum rest which implies a more lucrative and focused workforce.

4. Time: You have always spoken about not having time to partake of certain activities. The best part is time for the first time in the history of humanity is at our disposal. Take up new hobbies, take that on-line cooking class, practice how to write, Read that book you have stashed in you shelf, at any cost do some home workouts, you have the time to better yourself as an individual. So do so.

5. The disparity between the elite and well of in society and the have nots has been reduced as we have realized that we are just but mortal creatures who can be wiped out by a single virus. When it comes to health matters there is no rich or poor, just but a man goingthrough life. This virus has not been bound by social class during its spread like wild fire.

6. A future without classroom learning has proven a possibility. This time has shown that regardless of educational institutions, life has to go on. Does it mean we despair and resign to defeat, no. the world evolved centuries ago and there is access to information from all over the world, tutorials on even how to perform surgery. This is you time to shine, learn how to fly a plane from the comfort of your abode.

7. Improved global hygiene, we have been taken back to basics, washing hands and using hand sanitizers has greatly improved our health status when it comes to diseases. Such as Cholera. As a globe we should make washing hands a normality because despite our predicament we still have won some battles.

Finding happiness is about not what we should obtain but what we have, a journey, and when we can no longer change a situation we are constantly challenged to change ourselves. Find gratitude during this Covid-19 period, find love, stay engaged communicate and most of all, help each other.

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