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Research indicated the key to a long life is good health.

If living longer is something that you desire. Try incorporating these 5 things into your life to improve the overall quality of your health.

1. Create Time to De-stress

It is recommended that you regularly do physical exercise, practice meditation while focusing on your breath to reduce stress. If that seems like a lot of work, then create time to listen to good music that will soothe your spirit, grab a good book, and read a few pages or you could simply play with your pet. Create a time to do the things that help you relax.You must create time to relax. If you have a prolonged stress duration this could lead to several heart problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, depression, anxiety attacks, obesity, and migraines.If you are working on a tight schedule and you don’t have time to do any physical exercise or even meditate. Then consider taking a few seconds from what you are doing and take a few slow but long deep breaths. This simple exercise will help you relax. Enabling your body to release chemicals that relieve stress and in turn improve your immune system.

2. Eat Healthily

This one goes without saying. The food that you eat is closely connected to your health. Ensure that your meal is balanced. When you eat healthier you are treating some conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure.

Also, healthy eating helps you lose weight since it reduced on the calories level.

3. Be Grateful

Research indicates that being grateful helps boost your overall immune system. Also, thinking positive thoughts will strengthen your health.

4. Avoid Sugar Drinks

Sugar contains 16 calories per teaspoon when you drink anything that contains sugar your body will add more fat. This is because the brain does not count calories in liquid form the same way it does with solid food. So, anytime you drink soda, you will end up consuming more calories.Also, it is important to note that sugar drinks mostly cause heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and many more heart problems. So for the sake of your health, Avoid taking sugar.

5. Engage is Safe Sex

Sex is good for your physical and emotional health. Ensure that you are having sex with one partner. This activity will make your body release the good feelings of chemicals such as endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin which is healthy for your body and emotional well being.


These five tips will help you improve your overall health and well being. If your goal is to live longer, don’t just focus on the dies, ensure that you destress, have sex, and be grateful for the life you have.

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