How to Avoid Procrastination

Do you feel like force is preventing you from following through on what you set to accomplish? Procrastination is a developed trait of delaying or postponing assigned tasks.

Characterized by fear of not attaining set goals and objectives- at times the fear of over performing. Negative self believe in one’s capability. Low self-esteem and dealing with perfectionism.

how to stop being lazy

Need to know how to end your self-defeat patterns?

Procrastination is:

  • Leaving items for too long in your To-Do list.

  • Leaving Tasks incomplete.

  • Doing unimportant tasks over priority tasks.

  • Filling your working day with low priority tasks.

  • Re-reading emails and not deciding what to do with them.

  • Waiting for the ‘Right Mood”

Here’s how to get rid of procrastination and laziness.

Recognize/ Accept that you are Procrastinating

You can not be better without getting through the denial phase. Accepting that you have a procrastinating habit is the first step to successfully terminating this self-destructive trait.

overcoming procrastination

Work out why you are procrastinating and then begin to work on it.

Quickly Organize Yourself

A poor organization often leads to procrastination. Laying proper strategic route plans. You assign a particular task a certain time and date to be worked on. Understanding which is due when would allow you to become more efficient and effective. If all this is too much work, please consider investing in a professional planner.

Set, Simple and Achievable Goals

Part of the cause is feeling overwhelmed with our tasks. to motivate yourself, start off by accomplishing small simple tasks.

what is procrastination

This would get you in your comfort zone. It actually makes your assignments appear less intimidating.

Get Rid of Distractions

It goes without saying, having a conducive working environment is crucial. You get in the proper mental state to work.

Getting needlessly sidetracked will only burn time you need to complete a project. Distractions maybe:

  • annoying family members
  • Being in a noise polluted environment
  • Most definitely, your smartphone

Use Incentives

Nothing speaks motivating more than gifts. Be sure to recognize every small victory. After you accomplish a task, token yourself. This will keep you looking forward to finishing tasks.

how to stop being lazy

Avoid unearned incentives. You can buy your self something nice or even treat yourself to a nice lunch.

Time Yourself

Time is the most limited resource. Proper time management will allow you to work within the project duration. The amount of time taken to complete a task should be directly proportionate to the complexity of the assignment.

Do not take too long to do simple activities.

Taking Warrantied Breaks

All work without play will drain you. Taking short naps will increase your productivity. Give yourself time to relax and breathe.

how to stop procrastinating

You should not put too much pressure on yourself as you risk a physical and mental breakdown. We don’t want that, do we?

Share/ Confide In Someone

Having a shoulder to lean on will go a long way to ensure that you have maximum support.

Emotional support for when you are breaking down is very important. You Are Not Alone.

Mastering the art of delay might lead to greater success and happiness when used in the right way. Research shows that procrastinators report higher levels of guilt and anxiety.

Free yourself from the clutches of underperformance. Fight to have low energy when going about your tasks. Remember you have it in you to be bigger than now.

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