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Best 20 Interior Design Companies in Kenya

Which are the best interior design companies in Kenya? Read along to find how these Kenyan interior designers made it to the top list. You will make an informed choice when you know what they do best. Only through proper research will you get a magnificent offer from any on this list.

1. One Time Interiors

Best Interior Design Companies in Kenya

With over 20 years of experience, they have mastered their craft.

This interior design company specializes in smart corporate offices. Creating elegant and functional areas that will last for a lifetime. The company has a solid reputation in the industry.

Their professional portfolio includes construction, space planning, gypsum ceiling in residential and commercial settings. You can contact them at 254 for the best home interior services.

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tel:+254 20 2300226          onetimeinteriors.com

2. El Interior Designers

El Interior Designers in Kenya
El Interior Designers in Kenya

Established in 2008, this award-winning company has a passionate desire to add color to the African interior design industry.

They pride themselves in different projects, such as executive offices, homes, residential areas, schools, banks, hospitals, and museums.

El interior is one of the key industry leaders because they believe in their projects. The company is one step ahead by training and mentoring aspiring interns..

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tel:0717 498981         elinteriordesigners.com

3. Classic Mouldings Ltd

Classic Mouldings Ltd
Classic Mouldings Ltd

Established in 1991, Classic mouldings has distinct services. Making it one of the leading companies.

Classic moulding pride itself for creating inspiring ambiance both at home and office spaces. Their talented team brings fresh perspective, distinct practice and authenticity to their work.

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tel:0717 498981         classic-mouldings.com

4. Interior Designers in Nairobi

Interior Designers in Nairobi
Interior Designers in Nairobi

The firm has mastered the art of transforming how the wall looks by using the wallpapers. They have different papers that can make your project look like an aquarium or a forest or whatever it is you want.

Acknowledging the fact that you won’t have to spend money on painting. They are affordable and save you on time.

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Designspace Interiors Limited


Designspace Interiors Limited

Your office or home is their business. With over 9 years of experience. They pride itself on executing luxury projects.

They specialize in:

  • Home Decoration
  • Office
  • Commercial
  • House Decorators
  • Showrooms and Signboards

They have a team of skilled craftsmen committed to executing projects to their customer’s satisfaction.

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Decore Galore

Decore Galore interior design

Decore Galore prides itself in creating exceptional ideas for home, residential and commercial places.

They pride themselves in creating a beautiful and serene work environment that will increase your productivity.

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Mihaka Office Company

Mihaka Office Interiors

Established in 2010 Mihaka, is a consultancy firm offering services for both residential and commercial companies. It welcomes offers from.

  • government institutions
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • non-governmental organizations
  • Corporate all businesses & individuals.
  • They pride themselves offering:

Office Tiling & Flooring solutions

  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Office relocation
  • Partitions (Aluminum, Glass & MDF)
  • Carpets
  • Alterations & Extensions
  • Acoustic Ceilings
  • Gypsum ceiling
  • Painting & General Works.
  • Planning Interiors Limited

Incorporated in 1993, Planning Interior’s limited principal goal is to enhance their client’s business achievements. This by offering design and consultancy.

The firm has a team of over 20 best designers, project managers, and registered architects. They will go the extra mile for your business.

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Pentagon Interior

Pentagon Interior

Pentagon interior is skilled in incredible ideas with an eye for contemporary and the modern. They pay full attention to the creative edge, creating a perfect balance in every space they work on.

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Prime House Interiors Limited

Prime House Interiors Limited | Interior Designers in Kenya

Prime House prides itself in providing excellent and stunning projects. They plan and design for home interiors and commercial areas.

They believe in impressing the unique needs for their clients with the endless ideas to make their clients dream come true.

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UDesign Architects & Interior Designers

UDesign Architects & Interior Designers

Udesign is an exclusive architectural firm. Renowned for their sophisticated way of designing a floor. Architecture is one of their specialist skills.

They provide the best to both commercial and residential areas. Their promise is that when you work on their site, you will experience a vibrant atmosphere, allowing your ideas to flow.

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Insync Designs Limited

Insync Designs ltd (Architects & Interior Designers)

Insync have a team who share the concept of creating unique and innovative design services. They pride themselves in creating timeless architectural floors within their client’s budget.

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Palacina Interiors

Palacina Interiors - Yaya Center

Palacina prides itself on creating iconic looks. With its award-winning team, they create unique collections. They have mastered the art of presenting an unprecedented fusion of African flamboyance and the contemporary. They have a solid reputation for delivering exceptional interior design.

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Inspired Interiors

Inspired Interiors

Inspired, are experts in furniture, wardrobes, kitchen ceilings, and partitioning projects. They focus on using innovative ideas, stunning to both residential and commercial spaces. Check them out for free here.

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Terry Designs

Terry interior Designs

For about 12 years Terry designs have been offering unique builds for both the commercial and domestic market.

Terry prides itself in creating the spaces that reflect the client’s aspirations and passion. Their goal is to deliver on their needs and wants.

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Stone Arts Kenya

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Cobble granite Perfect for luxurious parking and drip of points @ Stone Arts Stone Arts – At Stone Arts Gallery We offer an unparalleled selection of natural stone products including Sandstone, Limestone, Slate and Marble. Sourced from many geographical regions of India, Stone arts Gallery's natural stone products offer an incredible range of color … Stone Arts , the leading manufacturer of stone building materials and stone garden ornaments, has group companies in India, Cameroun and Kenya Stone Arts can supply stone garden ornaments, fountains, planters and building materials globally from our warehouses in India and Kenya. Call us or Watsapp us on 254 718 849 241 Pankaj Sakhuja . https://www.facebook.com/stone.arts.7/ #cladding #claddingstone #yellowteak #wallcladding #wallcladdingstone #architecture #decohome #homedecoration #homedesign #exteriordesign #naturalstone #stoneartskenya #heartgritandhardscape #hardscapedesign #pavers #tilers #keepcraftalive #grout #landscapedesign #StoneArtskenya #TwoRiversMall #twogoodtobetwo @galleriashoppingmall_kenya @stone_arts_gallery

A post shared by Stone Arts (@stone_arts_gallery) on

Stone Arts is a Kenyan interior design and consultancy firm that specializes in:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Gazebos
  • Statues
  • Feature walls
  • Murals
  • Indoor and outdoor fountains,
  • Fire place, and much more

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Spiegel Interiors Ltd

Interior design Kenya

Spigel prides itself in designing and decorating the most prestigious private homes. They are passionate pay great attention to details to ensure the end product is elegant.

Spigel build projects in residential homes and commercial executive offices. They also deal with kitchen and bedroom concepts.

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Lighting Solutions Limited

Lighting interior design

It’s a fact that we all need light in our work, social and home. Lighting solutions limited transform our living spaces by illuminating them. Since 2017, they have been providing clients with grand concepts, equipment and furniture.

Their projects areas include decorative lighting, architectural lighting, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, and office lighting, among others.

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Quick-Step Flooring

Quick-Step flooring Kenya - Decomagna ltd

Quick-step flooring creates extraordinary homes by laminating floors. They have decades of experience of producing high-quality products.

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Noble Blue

Noble Blue is a consultancy firm offering interior design services for over 10 years.

They have a team of over 25 members involved in the entire process, from the initial project, analysis of client briefing and conceptualization of schemes.

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This our list of interior design companies in Kenya. We only picked the firms with a pleasant process that delivers the best. Let us know down the comment section below what company you would select for your needs. Follow our blog for more of the best companies in Kenya.

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