29 Kenyan Influencers: Find Out Why They Are Super Heroes

Kenyan influencers do more than creating content. This year things have been super crazy!

Anything that could go wrong went wrong. We’ve lost loved ones, lost jobs, self quarantined ourselves at home, the economy got worse, prices of everything skyrocketed. Worse yet, most Kenyans feel as if they are suffocating behind their masks.

Point is, things have been bad in 2020. Amid us trying to survive, these Kenyan superheroes came to the rescue and brightened our lives. They made us smile and laugh, sometimes a little too hard. They got us glued to our smartphones coz we fell in love with their content.

P.S. This list is arranged randomly, it followed no hierarchy. All the mentioned influencers are superheroes in their own right and we love them.

Elsa Majimbo

Elsa Majimbo Kenyan Influencer

“It’s a pandemic!” When I first came across Elsa’s viral videos, it was love at first sight. Elsa Majimbo has won the hearts of millions of people across the world, one chip at a time.

The 19-year-old girl has the internet gripping with laughter during this pandemic and was titled the comedy Queen of Quarantine. This Kenyan Influencer will put so many smiles on your face and draw that belly laugh out of you.

Check out Majimbo Elsa’s Instagram account. I guarantee you will be obsessed with her videos.

Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi is the President and King of Comedy of Africa. He is a Kenyan influencer who we’ve grown with since his early days in Churchill Show.

He has provided amazing support to the entertainment industry by opening Big Time Entertainment offices and Eric Omondi Studios. His mission is to be the biggest production house in Africa and his vision is to offer the best in quality in commercials, features, music videos, films, short videos, and documentaries.

Eric Omondi studio Kenya influencer

What I love most about Eric Omondi, is that he recognizes his success is because of the former superheroes such as Mama Kayeye and Mzee Ojwang who paved the way for him and other comedians.

Have a look at Eric Omondi’s most viewed videos here.


Akothee Kenyan influencer

The independent African Queen will take you places both physically and emotionally with her performances.

Akothee is a Kenyan influencer is an amazing mum, a talented musician, and a successful entrepreneur. This year she released Wema Wako where she gives thanks to God for his goodness.

Cartoon Comedian

Cartoon comedian kenyan influencer

The Queen of Ghetto entertainment comedian cartoon will have you laughing till your ribs hurt a little.

Vanessa Akinyi comedy skits “inani affect,inanichoke, inani suffocate” have had Kenyans laughing out loud and sikaubaaaaaaad we love her to tiny bits.

Even though the young lady has admitted that she wasn’t ready for fame, the truth is that she has gracefully handled fame. What makes her a superhero is a fact that she has brought all of her fellow creators to fame, guys like Benard Mosoti and Diana Diasy.


Jalango Kenyan Influencer

Another creator we are proud to celebrate as our Hero is Jalas. His recent graduation filled a lot of Kenyans with the hope that they too can accomplish their dreams. Anytime there is a controversial trend, you will be assured that Jalango will be the voice of reason if he jumps into the conversation.

Go ahead and subscribe to his channel Bonga Jalango TV and enjoy amazing content where he is interviewing celebrities.

Kenyan Influencer: Blessed Njugush

njugush Kenyan influencer

Njugush and his wife Celestine have won the hearts of Kenyans, they have welcomed us to their lives through their Instagram content. Recently they introduced their young son to the public and the little lad is trending as a meme.

To be honest, memes are kind of a big deal! This family of three is one in a million.

Through Thick and Thin Njugush Comedy show

If you want to be inspired and entertained, ensure that you subscribe to their YouTube channel and watch their latest series Through Thick and Thin.

If you prefer more short videos then follow them on Instagram, they do not disappoint on the content they are producing.

Size 8

One thing I love about Linet Masiro Munyali a.ka. Size 8 is that she produces holy spirit inspired gospel music. I have danced, praised, and worshipped God to Size 8’s music.

Size 8 Kenyan Influencer

What I love most about her is their show The Murayas, where Size 8 lets you in on her family as they discuss matters that affect every other family with her husband Dj Mo.

Betty Kyalo

You are simply forcing yourself to hate her if you don’t love Betty Kyalo. Like most people who describe her as “former” simply because she isn’t a presenter on K24 or KTN.

The truth is that Betty is way more than a TV presenter; she is a super mum, a successful entrepreneur, and an amazing sister and friend to all of us who follow her on social media.

Kenyan Influencer Betty Kyalo

You should follow on all her social platforms like her IG account, simply because she is awesome, her content will warm your heart and make you glad you did.

Robert Alai

Who knew that a Kenyan blogger could make news every single day?. Robert Alai is a force to reckon with, especially for the East African bloggers.

Robert Alai Kenyan Influencer

Love him or hate him, Robert Alai is a social justice activist who isn’t afraid to give his opinion. Check out Kahawatungu if you are up for some hard-hitting content and feel free to follow him on Twitter too.

Mwalimu Churchill

Daniel Ndambuki, is undoubtedly the Godfather of comedy in Kenya, Churchhill, has done a lot in raising comedians who’ve become big-time superstars in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

We also know him as Mwalimu Kingangi, a radio character who is loved by millions of people. He has filled the hearts of many with laughter because the Churchill show is more than just comedy. If you want to listen to Ndambuki Churchill, tune in every morning to the classic 105’s morning show with Maina and Kingangi.

Kenyan Influencer Churchill Ndambuki

Also, remember to follow Churchhill on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, and Instagram. Because it doesn’t hurt to follow him on all social platforms.

Jeff Koinange

Like a fine wine, Jeff Koinange has gotten better at his craft with time. He is a bold and respectable journalist. Jeff is an Emmy & Peabody – Award-Winning Journalist who is famously known for his talk show program, the Jeff Koinange Live, where he clears the airwaves by having high profile interviews.

Kenyan Influencer Jeff Koinange

Jeff is also an author of the book #Throughmyeyes where he shares with you a glimpse of the vibrant spirit of Africa that no camera nor lens can capture. Go ahead and purchase his book at the book stores also, subscribe to his YouTube channel, and follow him on Twitter.

Maxine Wabosha

Maxine Wambosha is a YouTube Vlogger who is a beauty that you cannot but love. I first interacted with her through make-up tutorials because it’s a kind of a struggle to get the correct makeup for my black-toned skin.

Wabosha is a wonderful woman who loves makeup and Avocado. Go ahead and subscribe to her YouTube channel, you will fall in love with her awesome personality. Fun fact, Waboshe Maxine is a mechanical engineering student, so yea, she’s black, beautiful, and she’s got the brains too.

Kenyan Influencer Maxine Wambosha

She recently launched her eCommerce boshdrip site you can check it out or as you explore her products. Doesn’t hurt to support a superhero while enjoying amazing products.


Bahati is an award-winning Kenya artist. It is hard to call Bahati without mentioning Dianna his wife. The power couple is nothing short of amazing. Bahati has continuously entertained us with new music this year that has made us dance, cry and laugh. And yes, he sometimes draws mixed reactions.

Kenya Influencer Bahati

For all those people who hate on Bahati’s family, he released a new music video for mtaachana tuu because they are not leaving each other ever.

I am one of the die-hard fans of Bahati and his family and to be honest, I love them to tiny bits. I love his music more and their lifestyle. Here is his insta for your pleasure.

Xtian Dela

Laugh out loud! Xtian Dela is quite something. If you are up for some crazy content, then the Aurther Mandela got you covered. Follow him on his Twitter account, you will fall in love with his personality also listen to the radio station where he runs the show.

Kwnyan Influencer Xtian Dela

Anytime there is a hot conversation that Kenyans are going crazy about, be sure that Xtian will verify the details for you and serve you details on his YouTube channel even when it’s hard for him to do so.

The Wa Jesus Family

Milly and Kabi Wa Jesus are nothing short of amazing, I have seen them grow from the days that he used to serve in Kkrew bible study. I wouldn’t say I know what they have gone through, but the growth transformation is amazing. He serves content that is both interesting and inspirational, sometimes unconventional, but isn’t that what we love?.

Kenya Influencer couple Kabby Wa Jesus

Follow them on their social media channels for your absolute entertainment. On Istagram on Youtube and on Facebook.

Azziad Nasenya

Nikikupea utawezana” You simply never know the content that will take you viral and for Azziad, her dance moves with the Okwonkwo song, utawezana skyrocketed her and made her viral. In one of the interviews she did, she admitted to going through online bullying.

Kenyan Influencer Azziad

But this dancing queen has kept on entertaining us with amazing moves. If you want to enjoy some good moves, follow her on her social media accounts: Instagram, Youtube.

Khaligraph Jones

Ati hupendi Kenyan music? We Kwenda uko!

Khalighraph jones is an outstanding Kenyan rapper who has made Kenyan music get recognized on the international music scene.

This year, the songs that Khaligraph has released got most people jamming to his music. My favorite song, being tuma kitu because every Kenyan loves it when you send some Mpesa.

Khaligraph-Jones kenya influencer

His music is real, original, and delivered with astounding lyrical skill.

That is why he is our superhero because he is not afraid of saying it as it is, Khaligraph doesn’t give two hoots about anything or anyone. Follow him on IG and subscribe to his Youtube Channel.

Crazy Kennar

Tales of Crazy Kennar kenya influencer

Now, this is a content creator that you will fall in love with, Crazy Kennar is funny and amazing. He is our superhero because he will produce short comedy skits that you can watch over and over without getting bored.

Go ahead and follow him on Instagram plus watch Crazy Kennar best compilation on his youtube channel.


Erastus Otieno a.k.a Flaqo of Flaqomedy but you probably know him as mama Otis, a character infused with his mum and aunt. If you are raised with a real African mum, you will definitely relate to the content by Flaqo. It is nothing short of hilarious.

Kenyan Influencer Flaqo

I consider him as our superhero because he brings the humor of the real African parent to reality. If you were raised in the ‘90s when Kenyan parents were super tough and strict then you will relate to the content by Flaqo.

Flaqomedy produces short comedy skits that are fun and engaging. Follow Flaqo on his YouTube channel and Instagram for entertaining videos.

Chebet Ronoh

If you love watching YouTube videos, you have come across Chebet Ronoh, because she is a superstar.

chebet roho kenya influencer super hero

She is our superhero because she simply doesn’t tolerate anybody’s nonsense. I love her is because of how open she is about the monsters she has battled. She is super real about anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and depression.

This year she quit her job as a radio presenter because she needed to take care of herself. If there is one important thing that we learn from Chebet is the fact that it is important you take care of yourself cause nobody else is going to do a better job that you.

She jokes about wasting your time on her content, but in 2020 we’ve had nothing but time on our hands and she has made it worthwhile with her content. Ensure that you follow her on Instagram. Thank you Chebet for making our world a happier place.

George Kimani

Kenya Influencer, George Kimani, seth gor and sharon

There is something about George’s talent that will automatically hook you to his content. If you want nothing serious, George Kimani is the guy you will fall in love with, not just for his personality but more so for the content that he creates. Follow George on Instagram here.

In my honest opinion, the combo he has with Seth Gor and Sharon Mwangi makes their content fire. Nothing short of amazing. So yea, go ahead and follow them on their Instagram channel.

Henry Desagu

The King of Mwihoko, IDK why they call Henry that but mbogi ya Henry is more than that, he has been producing content for the longest time and we love him.

Kenyan Influencer Henry Desagu

Desagu skits will get you laughing till your ribs hurt. He is simply amazing. Check out his Youtube Channel and Instagram.


First of all, let me say that we love you Mulamwah, even though he quit comedy after Kenyans on Twitter bullied him.

As a content marketer one thing is certain, creating content isn’t easy. I can’t imagine how hard it is for someone to create content that is supposed to make other people laugh. Must be so difficult!

The reason why Mulamwah is our superhero is that he is bold enough to create content even though Kenyans on Twitter said, “Jokes zake ni dry,ngumu, ni mawe.”

Mulamwa, thank you for using the gift God gave you to produce amazing content that you have produced. Go ahead and subscribe to his YouTube channel to consume more of Mulamwah content.

Kariuki Kamau a.k.a Karis wa Memes

I’m sure you have come across a meme by Karis Wa Memes. He definitely has brightened up your day more than nce. Memes are powerful, they make the world go round, seriously they do! 2020 has been tough for most Kenyans and if you asked them what got them through depression and just feeling sad, they would say memes. 

That is why Kariuki Kamau is our superhero, he is the true Kenyan meme lord. The rest are self-proclaimed meme lords simply because they take what Karis has, crop out his name, and put their name. So but Karis takes the crown home.

He creates personal and funny that will have you laughing all by yourself. Follow him on Instagram right here.

Sauti Sol

Just like their name connotes, they have brought a lot of sunshine into the lives of Kenyans this year. Especially being the first artists to do a virtual show in 2020. And yes, they made it to the Kenyan 2020 Superheroes list, with a bang!. Sauti Sol Kenya Influencers Latest albumHeck yeah! One thing that Sauti Sol does so well is they do what makes them happy and they make all of us happy, create amazing music that gets us in cheerful moods we can’t help but dance. Do what makes you happy, do what makes you smile, everybody judging anyway, and you are only here for a while.You can listen to Sauti Sol’s latest album midnight train on their YouTube channel.

Willis Raburu

 The wild man Willis Raburu will have you smiling even when you don’t want to. Willis Raburu Big tie influencer kenyaWilis is a big man Bazu. If you are not familiar with what a Bazu is, here is the definition, a Bazu is someone great, an individual who moves with prowess. Subscribe to his Youtube channel, and Willis will teach you how to be authentically YOU.

Give the world the whole of YOU without faking or hiding because you are afraid of what they will think and if the world doesn’t like YOU well, that’s their problem.

Joyce Omondi Waihiga

Joyce wahiga switch tv kenya influencerJoyce Omondi is a Kenyan influencer who wears a lot of hats, she is an award-winning songwriter & worship leader, a successful talk show host, and a happy wife. You might dismiss the fact that being a happy wife isn’t a success. But in a world where there are a lot of negative stories revolving around marriage, we are hopeful and happy to know that Wahiga and Joyce are making it work.

What makes Joyce our superhero is the thought-provoking conversations she has with her guests on switch TV #FullCircleWithJoyce. When you read the reviews, you fully understand how she has impacted thousands of people’s lives.

Joyce Omondi is the founder and worship leader of ​​​​​​​#ReJoyce worship and praise experience 


Nyashinski-x kenya influencer super heroNyashinski a.ka Nyamari Ongegu is a Kenyan influencer who produces timeless music. Over the last year, we’ve had mbogi Genge release songs you cant remember 6 months down the line, even if they were a hit. Yet songs that Nyshinski released back in 2006 such as #NowYouKnow still make sense and make one want to dance.The reason Nyashinski is our superhero is that he has mastered his craft of doing music so well that serves generations to come. This year, very few artists have launched fire albums, done virtual concerts, and still dropped hot singles every other month. Give a man credit where it’s due, Nyash oozes hard work, authenticity, refined talent, and pure musical genius. Good music is a critical element for living a happy life, more so in a dreary year like 2020. Listen to Nyashinski’s latest album Lucky You on his YouTube channel. Feel free to show him some love on IG as well. 

Rev Kathy Kiuna

Praise the Lord, don’t we all need Jesus in our lives?. You didn’t think that we were online watching comedy and listening to music and missed out on some personal development.

Rev Kathy Kiuna is our superhero because she delivers the good news of Christ in a manner that is easily consumable and fun. Some people think that the bible is boring but Rev Kathy together with his husband @bishopkiuna will have you up on your feet praising the good lord.

jcc Rev Kathy Kiuna Kenya influencer super hero

Rev Kathy is our superhero because she preaches a timely message of God that delivers people from their depression, encourages and teaches people how to live in a manner that glorifies God.

Do remember to subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, a list of Kenyan content creators, musicians, journalists, artists, comedians, and just Ordinary normal Kenyans who attempted to entertain us and reminded us we are still human in a gloomy year that has been 2020.

For that, they deserve to be named superheroes. Make an effort of following their social media accounts.

To our superheroes, I just want to say thank you, I understand that creating content isn’t easy. Therefore Kichanzo thanks you for your bravery to brighten up the lives of Kenyans.

Share this content with your network of friends and family, because caring is sharing!.

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