Mount Kenya, 8 Secrets That Await

Mount Kenya, Africa’s second-largest mountain is a wonder of nature is a mountain unique in many ways. Other than being so close to the equator yet having ice on its peaks, it also has many beautiful glacial lakes and tarns. And it seems no lady can resist a proposal next to one of its exquisite lakes, dive in to know which one. 

The peaks were never visited except for traditional rituals and prayers during times of need and to date, Mount Kenya is still held in reverence as God’s throne.

Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya Photo Courtesy of KWS

Mount Kenya has 3 key summits: Batian, Nelion, and Lenana (Olonana) all if which are named after Maasai la bonus.

It has some of the most breathtaking glacier lakes in the world, five of them to be specific. Each of the lakes and tarns has a surprising story.

This mountain has 12 glaciers, hundreds of wildlife species, indigenous plants lakes and tarns.

Fishing is one of the main activities on these lakes because their remote location has ensured the growth and survival of trout fish introduced many years ago.

#1. Lake Alice 

Lake Alice
Photo of Lake Alice By JamboNairobi

Located in a crater near Ithangune Hill. It was named the Duchess of Gloucester after visiting Kenya and trying to climb the mountain. Covering 48 acres, it is the largest of the lakes in Mount Kenya.

Lake Alice is a popular sport fishing and is a superb hiking safari destination. It is a magnificent lake, located inside the Mount Kenya National Park.

#2. Lake Rutundu

Lake Rutundu
Photo by Shannon Davis

This beautiful glacial lake got its name from the adjacent hill, Rutundu, which is said to resemble packed tobacco. It was here that UK’s Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton back in 2010.

This lake has three casting platforms making it one of the best trout fishing spots on Mount Kenya. It is located outside the park’s boundary, and it has spectacular views of the mountain’s vegetation.

#3. Lake Michaelson 

Lake Michaelson 
Photo by Kudu Safaris

It is found in the Gorges Valley and rests under point Lenana. It is named after a friend of Halford Mackinder, a geographer and the first European explorer to summit Mount Kenya back in 1899.

This lake is not quite popular but it has stunning scenery, in a valley. It is a glacial erosion lake.

#4. Lake Ellis

Lake Ellis
Photo by @petersize10

Located at the base of Mugi Hill, it was named after Thomas Evelyn Scott-Ellis – the first European to reach the lake back in 1927. Occupying 28 acres of land, it is the third-largest lake in Mount Kenya.

Lake Ellis is accessible when climbing the mountain from the Chogoria Route, on the eastern side. There is a campsite close by. 

#5. Hut Tarn 

Hut Tarn 
Picture by Adventure_Alternative

Also known as Two tarns, it is located at the Teleki Ridge along the western-peak circuit. The tarn occupies 4.5 acres.

#6. Nanyuki Tarn 

Nanyuki Tarn 
by Jacques Mermet

Named after the river that it flows into, the Nanyuki tarn is adjacent to point Piggot (a lesser-known peak standing at 4,957m) and covers an area of 1.7 acres.

#7. Nkunga Sacred Lake

Mount Kenya is also home to Nkunga Sacred Lake – a sacred shrine for the Meru community.

Lake Nkunga
Photo by Kenyapics

#8. Other Mt.Kenya Tarns

Other Tarns of Mt.Kenya
Photo Courtesy of KWS

Mount Kenya has other tarns that include the Upper and Lower Simba tarns, Nduku, Harris, Kami, Polishman’s, Tyndall, Square, Kech, Hook, and Fox tarns.

Did you enjoy the 7 secrets of Mount Kenya?

Mount Kenya is a destination to visit. Have you added its glacier lakes to your bucket list?. If you have visited any of them, let us know how your experience was in the comment section. 

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