Mukhisa Kituyi Decides That It’s His Time to Eat

We are back to the same o’l same o’l regurgitated politicians in 2022. It is not enough that William Ruto and Raila online hecklers are disturbing us, let’s add in Mukhisa Kituyi.

In the past few weeks we have  Alfred Mutua, Kivutha Kibwana and I hear even Kanye West wants to run for President of Kenya.

I don’t mind if they wish to run. That’s their choice. But they had better give me a reason to wake up at 4 am and miss breakfast. I don’t wish to be the githeri man if the end of the story is Oscar Sudi.

I am 63 years old, relatively of good health. I think I am intellectually a finished product.

I have an idea about governance, international experience,  international best practices. I have had a privilege – on duty – to visit 119 countries, which is more than most people visit in their lifetimes. The Star

Less than a year down the line, I am going to be unshackled by international responsibility and obligations and I will be saying a lot of things about what I think is happening in Kenyan politics.

There you go.

The Five Reasons You should Vote for Mukhisa Kituyi for President

    1.  He has visited America. In fact, he has visited so many countries your mother can’t spell them. Because he visited more countries he wears larger spectacles that can see through your need for a job.
    2. He is old but heck he’s bright. Getting a degree is no joke. He is sooooo bright that he is better than Microsoft Version 10 and needs no updates.
    3. Right now, he’s very very busy. You will understand why he thinks that his job right now is more important than dealing with the current corruption issues in Kenya. Just wait for him to finish his more important things. He’ll talk to you in July.

In case you forget, he also walks shirtless and takes margaritas at the beach.

Mukhisa Kituyi at the Beach


Why Mukhisa Kituyi for President?

Most Kenyans don’t know and neither do I?

It’s political silly season in Kenya until 2022. It’s a bit tiring getting these “messiahs” who come 2 years before every election. We should now wait to be delivered to Canaan.

I’d like you to explain to me which Kenyan politician I should wake up for at 4 am. It had better be someone I don’t know.

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