Reasons You Should Not Quit School

You might have thought of dropping out of campus a million times. It’s tempting to go venture the world in search of fame and wealth. Maybe you are right. Education has always been the key to success. Believe it or not. It takes sheer will and commitment to give you to the system in the quest for knowledge.

You are thinking of starting your own business. That’s admirable. Understanding the know-hows of business is crucial to be able to start let alone run your business. Bookkeeping, Managerial tasks, and responsibilities delegating, monitoring, and even evaluation. You need to be equipped with the proper skills and information to facilitate any successful business.


School is not a waste of time. Here’s why:

  • Education has become the norm: everyone is going to school nowadays. The old and the young. Everyone is trying to better their state and ability to be productive and of positive to society. We are daily reaching new heights as humans. Education gives you an opportune time to be a part of that revolution.

  • Joblessness: why risk being unemployed and underrated? The job market is already crowded. You need to have extra factors and papers to back up the value you promise an organization.

  • Time: you probably feel like you are wasting time in class. Would it not be worse to burn the 15 years it took you to get here?

  • Availability of resources: it goes without saying you have access to more facilities while at school and consequentially even during employment: Wi-Fi connection, Library, Exposure Rooms.

  • Grows minds: Creativity and innovation: you get to test the capacity and capability of your mind. Be part of a better world as you were part of the change that transpired.

  • You can make money at the campus: In case you did not know, most stalls outside learning institutions are run by students. Sharing ideas boost your entrepreneurial skills giving you a cutting edge and ball out will still gathering knowledge.

  • Leadership skills are developed as you are assigned different tasks to oversee. Most of our country’s leaders started off as members of the students governing council in their various institutions.

  • You get to learn new awesome stuff. There are numerous clubs and societies at campus. Drama, Music, Wildlife, debate, and even Scouting. Pick your poison.

  • Team Player: Group work and discussions give one an opportunity to share their ideas and take their peers too. Sports activities foster teamwork and mold your ability to work well with others in your future employment environment.

  • Quality relationships are formed during your stay at the university: don’t we all want to find “the one”. What better place to start than an institution with thousands of your peers to sample from. Most of the friends you will keep will be the ones you made while at the campus. No man is an island.

  • It provides an opportunity to network. All learning institutions have multiple programs running at any one time. Create links with people along the same field and even complimentary courses. Crash those finance classes learn something.

  • A platform to self-discovery, and create the future you intend on living. Whether that’s a family man, a multi-millionaire, Chief Operations Officer anything you can conceive.  You have time at your hands to invent and re-invent to any version you choose to identify with.

  • The campus life is fun: You get to explore the world with your newly earned freedom. Go to parties and social events, road trips.  Plan your own even and host house warming. Live before you die.

  • The campus allows you to experience dating at a more personal level. You get to better understand your personal likes and wants.

  • Due to the diversity of students and staff, you get to appreciate and respect other peoples’ opinions, traditions, beliefs, and cultures.

Being a part of something bigger than you has its own kind of fulfillment. No pain no gain. You will weather whatever storm campus throws your way. No one said it will be easy. I am just saying it will be worth the while.

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