Safaricom’s 4 Billion Kenya Shillings in Unclaimed Assets

As of March this 2020, Safaricom had over 3.94B in unredeemed Bonga points. As of May 2015, Safaricom surrendered over 500M in Mpesa accounts of deceased clientele to the Unclaimed Assets Authority (UFAA). I believe by now that must have grown considerably.

According to the National Treasury, the unclaimed assets held by UFAA are reinvested, in Government securities. You and I know, the proceeds of those investments are not going back to the rightful owners of the assets.

The process of acquiring the assets of your deceased next of kin, from Safaricom is a quite lengthy legal process. And considering the secrecy of Mpesa and Bonga point PINs, it is pretty clear why most Kenyans don’t bother to follow up.

Here is an article from Safaricom on the next of kin claim process.

There is a simple way, for you to add your next of Kin to your subscriber account to make this process painless for them, in case of the eventuality of your demise.

So here goes.

Hold up!, before you begin, ensure you have your next of kin Identity document at hand, or at least their ID number or Passport number. You will need it. Once you have it, then you can start.

1. Dial *324*5# On Your Safaricom Phone.

Adding Next Of Kin to your Safaricom account

2. Select 6

Select Add Next of Kin

3. Enter Your Bonga PIN

Enter you BONGA PIN

4. Enter Your Next of Kin’s Mobile Number

Add next of Kin Phone Number

5. Choose Their Identification Document

Choose the identity document type

6. Provide The Document Number

Enter the document number

7. And That’s it!

Choose their ID

That’s how to ensure that your next of kin get access to your Safaricom assets in the event of your demise.


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