The 5 secrets of a Strong Marriage

Tv shows will give you the idea that marriage is a piece of cake. It will even get you dreaming of having a happy ever after with your significant other.

The reality is that marriage is not a walk in the park. You are intentionally required to put in some work if you want to have a strong happy marriage.

Get to know the secrets that will give you a happy strong marriage.

1. Frequently Communicate with your spouse.

If you want to have a strong happy marriage, you have to intentionally communicate with your spouse regularly. Ensure that you are honest about how you are feeling. Clearly communicate everything to your partner. Do not leave your partner guessing what issue is bugging you.

The relationship is two-way traffic. Thus you must avail yourself when your partner wants to talk.

2. Disagree to Agree

Okay, so they say that even if you two came from the same womb, you are still going to fight. The number one signal that you have a healthy relationship is when you fight with your spouse. The two of you will not be on the same page every single time. So, you have to disagree to agree.

You need to recognize that your partner was brought up with a completely different upbringing. therefor, anytime that you get yourselves arguing. Take time out, and listen to your partner’s point of view. You will be surprised that they are the ones on the right side. Or you two might find a middle ground. So yea… agree to disagree.

3. Focus on Your Partner Strength

Let’s face it! The truth is there is nobody perfect. Even if you come close to it. There may be one or two things that simply are nothing close to perfect. You may have some skeletons in the closet that you are too afraid to let out. But your partner knows about all your strength and weakness.

To have a happy strong marriage. you need to understand that we are imperfect humans who when brought together make each other perfect. Therefore you have to cover your spouse’s weakness and highlight their strengths.

4. Hug for 3 Minutes and kiss for 30 seconds every day.

Your body releases a chemical known as oxytocin when it feels a physical inmate connection. The release of these chemicals helps you connect with people emotionally which will make you feel good.

So it’s important that you intentionally hug and kiss your spouse for a longer period. This will enable you to feel a different sense of connection with your partner.

5. Turn off your phone devices


The truth is that we are addicted to the notification on our devices. We love being connected to what’s happening all around the world, that we forget to stay connected to the people in our present moment. To avoid this. Turn off your cell phone and any other device that you are having a meaningful conversation with your spouse.

Let them know that they are more important than your cell phones, you are there, you want to connect with them. you want to listen to them, get to know them better.

A pro tip. You could designate a place in your house where it’s a No tech-free zone. when you are ready to have a strong meaningful connection with your partner you all go to that zone, where you won’t be distracted with technology.

We hope that you get to implement any if not all of these tips, and have a strong marriage.

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