18 Pro Tips for Travel on a Budget in Kenya

Be honest with yourself for a minute. The only reason you are not traveling in Kenya is that you think it’s expensive and you do not have the money to visit fresh places and travel in Kenya.

The fact is that you don’t have to be rich to take trips and experience magical Kenya. Most of the expenses you incur while traveling fall into three major categories:

  1. Transportation
  2. Accommodation
  3. Other expenses such as foods and drink

This post will show you how to minimize these three expenses and enjoy traveling in Kenya on a budget.

Travel on a Budget

Spoiler alert: Some tips in this article are completely gross… pretty sure you might go ew… when reading them. Think about it, where is the fun of traveling if not gathering new experiences… Read on to find more…

Prioritize Traveling

First things first, traveling has to be one of your top priorities. This is the only way that you are ever going to save up for the travel and take time off work to go see amazingly beautiful places. Ensure that you have budget travel that accommodates the activities you will do in the different cities that you will visit.

take trips on a budget

You can also take travel insurance. It doesn’t hurt to have peace of mind knowing that if things go wrong, your travel insurance will come on board to save the day.

Remember to enjoy yourself, take pictures, and create magical memories that will last you for a lifetime.

Is Kenya a budget destination?

Yes, Kenya is one of the best places to Budget travel in Africa! This is because it allows you to take your travel vacation that fits your budget. You could use most of the tips that we’ve mentioned here such as hitchhiking, public transportation, and buying cheap food to travel with a bit of money.

Have a look at top 10 magical travel destinations in Kenya.

Traveling in a Tour Group

If you enjoy relaxing on a holiday with your loved ones, then consider planning a trip with your friends or family members.

 destinations to visit as a budget traveler

It’s guaranteed that traveling in a group of people will reduce the prices that you would have incurred, making you pay low costs helping you stick to your budget. You are most likely to receive discounts on food, accommodation, and entrance to tourist destinations such as Masai mara, the national parks, and mount Kenya budget safaris.

You could use public transport to move from one destination to the next, allowing you to save on the transport money.

If your family or friends are not ready to jump on board with you, then consider researching the budget destinations that can allow you to travel with a bit of money.

cheapest place to travel

The bonuses of traveling in a group are it allows you to travel light in Kenya, you also enjoy other perks such as reduced entrance fee to national parks and with cheap hotel accommodation, you enjoy discounts bonuses since you are traveling with a group of people.

There are plenty of opportunities you can learn a lot from the group of people you are traveling with when they are speaking a common language like English, and the bonus is you make new friends while enjoying your trip.

Saving on Transportation: Travel on a Budget

Let’s look at some ways that you can save money with transportation. If your travel budget allows you to take a cheap flight, then you could research flight deals that allow you to travel with a bit of money on domestic flights.

 travel the world on a low budget

Remember to take advantage of the local tourist. You could also consider using public transport or hiring a private van, let’s have a look at the other travel deal’s tips on transportation, combine two or three for you to get to your destination.

How much money to budget for transport in Kenya?

The amount of money that you are going to spend depends on the travel destination in Kenya that you visiting.

Also, the amount of money depends on the mode of transportation you prefer. If you are planning to use the least amount of money, then consider using public transportation to connect to different cities.

Experience Van Life

If you have a van, then consider using it during your travel adventure. If not, you can always hire a van, and use it for accommodation and transport means to places such as Masai Mara, Mount Kenya, Turkana, Hell’s gate, Nairobi national parks, Maralal and Beyond.

 travel on a budget

The beauty of traveling with a van is that it gives you freedom in your travel time. While saving money for accommodation and transport. No brainer: This is the ideal way to travel in Kenya on a budget.

You get to go on your budget vacation visit travel destinations you dream of in Kenya. It is true that Kenya has magical cheap destinations and having this experience on a van allows you to travel friendly while sticking to your plan trips.

Hitch Hiking

Hitchhiking is a guaranteed way of saving money when you are traveling in Kenya. Simply start by the roadside with your thumb pointing at the cars that are driving by. Eventually, you are guaranteed that someone will stop by and give you a ride.

Hitchhiking is a form of public transport, but you have to be patient with it because the car owners are not obliged to stand and offer you a free ride. Some car owners will require you to pay small fares as a way of saying thank you.

 travel for free

Be prepared to stand in the road for a long period, waiting for a car. This experience may frustrate you because of the number of cars that will drive past you. But there are hidden gems in waiting because when a car finally stops, it might be your favorite companies that you will learn a lot from.

A quick pro-tip, ensure that you are wearing clean clothes and are smiling for the cars that are driving, you might be lucky enough that one of them will stop by.

I have to warn you that hitchhiking might be a tourist trap and the owners who stop to carry you might have ill intentions.

Opt for Cycling

If you know how to use a bicycle, you could hire one for your trip or simply buy one. If not, then consider using a motorbike on your trip.

Walk The Distance

If you do not know how to cycle, then consider walking on your trip. The beauty of walking is that it not only saves you money, but it is also an excellent form of exercise and will help you lose some calories.

travelling on a small budget

Talk of creating win-win situations. You lose weight, save fares, and still arrive at your travel destination.

Please take note that if the distance that you are traveling is quite long then take rests in between your walks, that way your body does not burn out.


If you are not a big fan of walking, then consider carpooling with someone who is driving in the same direction as you are.

All that you have to do is check out on Craigslist to be on the lookout for car owners that are available for car loop.

Work for Transportation

Look for opportunities where you can work or lend a helping hand in the exchange rate for transportation from different cities.

 cheapest places to travel

For example, Farmers who have to transport food to Nairobi, Kenya. You could help at the farm in Kisumu for 3 hours. Then when they are ready to transport the food. You could share the ride with them to the destination you are driving one.

Saving on Accommodation: Travel on a Budget

Now that you know how to move from point A to point B. Let’s have a look at some options available for you to spend the night and rest


Couchsurfing is simply a global platform for travel enthusiasts to share a spare room or a couch for free. Sign up for an account with couch surfing and search for available.

Just like that, you have a free place to spend the night and even create new friends.


If you are traveling to backpacking destinations with your camping gear, find a safe place to set it up in the evening and you will have a place to sleep.

Travel on a Budget

I know Africa and Kenya for wild animals, so ensure that you watch out for the wild animals while in, so ensure that the area that you are planning to camp is safe and friendly.

If you are taking a weekend trip, find cheap deals that allow you to budget backpacker. You ensure that you do not travel during the rainy season in Africa, things can get wet and ugly pretty fast.

Volunteer Opportunities Programs

You could also search for volunteer programs on the internet that provide you the opportunity to volunteer and you get free accommodation and even food

 Saving on food: Travel on a Budget

All right, so now that we know how to move around and where to spend the night. Have a look at the following tips to guide you when you want to eat and not spend much money on food. If you have a daily budget for your meals, ensure that you eat at cheap hotels that provide a budget-friendly on their foods.

How much money to budget for food in Kenya?

The amount of money that you should budget for food, should be 20% of your total budget. If you are looking forward to spending minimal money, then consider eating street food, or buying your meals from the supermarkets. Here are other tips for saving money on food.

Buy food in Supermarkets

Buying foods in supermarkets is way cheaper than buying food even in local restaurants. This is because restaurants charge for the space that they provide for you to sit on while enjoying your meal.

You could easily buy food in a supermarket and eat it on the streets. No shame about it. The most important thing is that you get filled up.

Buy Street Food

Kenyans have embraced the culture of cooking snacks on the streets. It will surprise you at how sweet and cheap these meals are. Buy yourself something to munch on.

 cheapest places to travel

Just ensure that the exact area of the street where you bought your food is clean, that way you don’t experience any food poisoning or stomach pains after eating your meal. We would want nothing to interrupt your trip.

Dumpster Diving

If you do not have money at all to buy food in the supermarket or on the street. Then consider doing dumpster diving. This is where you jump on a dumper and look for fresh food.

Before you think of how gross this suggestion is. Consider going near restaurants or even shopping malls and just as they are about to discard food because no one bought it. Win yourself free food.

Do you still think it’s gross? Well, beggars are not choosers.

Cook With Your Host

Thank Goodness that this option still exists. Consider cooking with the person who is hosting you for the night. Sure they might be glad to have a new company joining them in the kitchen.

Stay Sober

I should not have to mention this. However, you are on a budget trip for a reason. To save money. Not to send it. Alcoholic beverages are one sure way of flushing your money down the toilet drain.

budget travelers, cheap travel

I am not here to judge you on your lifestyle choice or anything, but if you are going to spend the most minimal money during your trip. Be sober for the entire time you are on the trip.

Spend your money wisely. Give up on the alcohol.

Make Friends

When you are traveling to Nairobi, Kenya on a budget. It’s a guarantee that you will interact with people from all walks of life. Ensure that you establish friendships that you can lean on when you need accommodation, food, or a free ride.

Your newly formed friends will even be glad to show you around that way you get to experience the local culture of the people. This will appreciate the people in that locality.

Always Bargain

Never pay the full price of an item. Always ensure that you bargain and it reduces the costs. If the seller does not want to reduce the costs. Feel free to simply walk away, because it guarantees you that down the street, you will find another seller, who will sell the same item at a lower price.

Traveling In Kenya is one of the most magical experiences that you will ever enjoy in your lifetime.

Plan early in advance and ensure that you are in the right mental frame to travel on a budget. With all the amazing things that this travel will bring you, it’s not for everyone. There are instances you might be sick, hungry, and lonely.

Most importantly, you will be glad you sacrificed to experience magical Kenya. If you are wondering how you can travel to Kenya with no money, have a look at this article.

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