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According to the Brazil news, there are more than 13,000 fleshly dug graves in Brazil’s biggest city Sao Paulo.

It has been the worst hit, as it quantifies a quarter of the country’s total death due to the Corona Virus.


Brazil hit a record high of 291,579 confirmed cases. This grim record places Brazil as the third-highest number of coronavirus cases i the world, behind the United States and Russia.

According to Brazil’s health ministry, the number of coronavirus infections is expected to rise. More so with the expectation of a peak in the month of June.


Time and time again, Leaders, such as Donald Trump, Uhuru Kenyatta the presidents of USA and Kenya respectively, have been quoted saying that we are fighting an “invisible enemy”.

So, is there really a right way of battling it out?

Measures such as lockdowns, social distancing rules, curfews, maintenance of general hygiene and sanitization, with rigorous mass testing seem to have worked in countries such as China, or were they just Lucky?

Covid-19 is just “little Flu”

Brazils’ President, Jair Bolsonaro is pushing to end lockdown measures, to minimize economic disruptions in the country. Repeatedly terming Covid-19 as “little flu”

Use of hydroxychloroquine drugs has been approved by the Brazil medical authority, to treat COVID 19, despite looming questions on its effectiveness and unproven side effects.

Is Brazil ready to deal with what is yet to come?

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